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Off Topic - Can Anyone help me plan my trip to Colorado?

11 years ago

I hope you don't mind me posting and asking for some advice. My brother is getting married in Colorado (Aspen area) the 1st weekend in August. We live in metro Boston and are planning a 2 week trip for the wedding. DD (7 years) is the flower girl - so a lot of this trip is about her. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do and where to go.

We are flying to Denver on Monday, 23 July. We need to be in Aspen on Wednesday, 1 August. So I need to fill in the time between those days.

My idea was 1st to head East so DD could see the great plains. Then I'm thinking of traveling along the southern portion of the state as we head to 4 corners. Yes - I know it is on the opposite side of the state. But we really want the opportunity to stand in 4 states at once. Then leave 4 corners and head to Aspen.

We will leave Aspen Sunday night or Monday morning (the 5th of 6th) - depending on what we would want to do on the way back to Denver. Our flight home is at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning.

I'm thinking we would like to see a rodeo, cliff dwellings, and red rocks amphitheatre. I think we really want to enjoy the things that Colorado has to offer. We can go to a zoo or a childrens museum here in Boston - so I'm really looking for things to do in Colorado that we can't do in Boston.

It will just be the three of us - DH, DD and me. I've been on business trips to Denver before, but the focus was always business (except for going to drink a Coors in Golden). DD can handle about 5-6 hours in the car max. But we can't do long drives like that on subsequent days.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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