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Soil mix for asparagus in raised bed

14 years ago

I'm going to be starting asparagus in a new raised bed (next year, but want to fill and prepare the bed this year). The bed is 12'x3' and about 20-24" deep. I am fortunate in that we have really good loamy soil to work with, and there's TONS of it around this bed and its neighbor beds that needs to go somewhere - it's too high since we want to cover everything in between and around the beds with about 3" of bark mulch. So I plan on filling the bed mostly with the good dirt we already have, but I've read that asparagus likes sandy soil. I'm nervous though about adding sand since the little bit of advice I've seen suggests it can be difficult to get the proportions right. Any advice regarding what percentage should be sand? Or if there something else I should use instead? I'd like to add a little bit of compost too, but not much - we started the other beds where the annual veggies are with a nursery mix that had LOTS of compost and organic matter, and every year I have to add more since it degrades and settles so much. So obviously I don't want that to happen in a perennial bed - no sinking allowed! Thanks for your suggestions. :)


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