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Protecting grafts of 4 in 1 Cold Hardy Peach

12 years ago

So my cold hardy 4 in 1 peach tree arrived today.

I'm trying to think ahead to next winter and how to best offer the grafts additional protection,

My thoughts are wax or a breatheable fabric that won't trap moisture in but will offer some protection from the wind.

I've had great luck with Seckel and Asian pears, and plums, but I've struggled with peaches and sweet cherries. Although this year it looks like all my cherry limbs survived. Yay!

Any graft protection thoughts?

An after-thought.... Isn't it amazing how the season always starts with such optimism and excitement but by seasons end you are mourning the loss of that optimism? Here's to employing what we learn every year and truly hoping this year will be a banner year for everyone.

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