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Preserving Chili Peppers without Canning

17 years ago

I made a mistake this year and instead of growing 4 chili peppers I'm growing 8. I wanted an extra 4 habeneros but accidently planted chilis instead. I still have a lot of habeneros but since they're so expensive I wanted to really grow a lot of them this year.

Last year I read about canning hot peppers and concluded it's way too complicated for me -- especially since if you do it wrong and you eat a bad canned batch you can die of botulism. No thanks. I had success in freezing the habeneros last year.

The chili peppers are a different matter. I'd prefer if I could pickle them somehow and store them in the refrigerator and at least keep them from spoiling so fast. Right now when I pick them they spoil so fast and I'm getting too many to eat myself and no one particular wants chili peppers.

For my purposes simplicity is paramount. All the recipes I've read so far are too complicated. What I was thinking of doing is filling a jar with vinegar perhaps 1/3 and then every time I harvest the day's crop I just chop the stem off , thow them in the jar, and leave the jar in the fridge. After that jar fills up start the same process with another jar.

Will this process work and how long will the chilis store in the regular refrigerator. I don't require them to last all winter -- a couple months would be perfect. Does anyone else pickle this way?

A couple of weeks ago I bought some green "sports" peppers from the grocery store. These are the peppers you put on "Chicago style" hot dogs. It sure looks like these peppers were just soaked in vinegar, water, and salt but it's hard to tell what other prep they did before packaging.

Again, I've been searching the web and this forum for recipes and ideas on pickling but they have all been way too complicated. I just need a way to collect these chili peppers so they don't spoil so fast. Right now they spoil within a week just sitting open in the fridge.

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