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I want to grow sweet potatoes (Beauragard)

13 years ago

Last year I grew a sprouted yukon gold potato in a feed bag on my cement patio. It grew beautifully, the deer didn't bother it, and I got about 2 pounds of luscious taters. I plan on putting in 3 or 4 this year. Now I want to try sweet potatoes. I buy "Beauragard" (sp?) at the grocery. Is it possible to treat them the same as regular potatoes or do I need to purchase plants at a nursery? I have 3 new beds to plant in this year (continuing experiments) that get great sun. I know my yukons are safe from the deer, but what about sweet potatoes? I have a green house I use for tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, but am hoping to fill my beds with veggies the deer will avoid.

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