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18 years ago

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Debi and in about two years my husband and I will be retiring in Northern Utah after raising our family in Southern California. Time alone will tell if we are crazy or not.

My second biggest concern is figuring out how to garden in this zone 3/4 valley in the Wasatch, so I am very grateful that you are all here. After browsing the stacks today I've learned that I was right to invest in Lauren Springer's books. I've also learned that I will have an added challenge since the little piece of property we bought is in a wildlife corridor and "fences" are not allowed. Wildlife I've seen in the valley on visits so far include moose, beaver, mule deer and porcupines (the latter killed on the road, but there have been so many I know they're all over the place). I've heard there is a herd of elk that occasionally move through if conditions are right, as well.

My first question to you all: keeping in mind the critters I've mentioned, if I put a small, enclosed garden next to the house, is there a wall height that might keep some of the wildlife out? I've read that an 8-foot fence minimum can be effective against deer, but what do you think?


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