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ars 2010 september / october rose show winners

13 years ago


By Ronald Schwerdt


On June 29, 2010, ARS President announced that ARS Rose Exhibitors Forum

publication, will be renamed "Exhibitors Quarterly", but no longer contain

local ARS Rose show results. As an educational tool, decided to post local

rose shows winners, along with arrangement winners when available. Data

is derived from ARS sources, not necessarily ARS publications. E-mail rose

arrangement winners to:


BEAVERTON, OR 9-11-2010

Queen of Show-- Grande Amore--Lee, Lon & Riggs, Don

King of Show---Impulse-- Lee, Lon & Riggs, Don

Princess of Show---Tineke-- Lee, Lon & Riggs, Don

Fl Queen---Lavaglut-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

Polyantha Spray--The Fairy--- Parke, Richard & Janis

Climber---Fourth of July--McClain, Gary & Cheryl

Shrub---Cherries �n� Cream-- Allen, Karen & Merril

Austin Shrub--Gertrude Jekyll--Baker, Barbara

Mini Queen---X-Rated-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini King---Baby Boomer-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

Mini Princess---Daddy Frank--Garrison, Stan & Carolyn (M/F?)

Mini Spray---Marriotta--Allen, Karen & Merril

Mini Fl Queen---Shameless-- Lee, Lon & Riggs, Don



PITTSBURG, PA 9-11-2010

Queen of Show--Dublin--Oberlander, Dick

King of Show---Veteran�s Honor-- Oberlander, Dick

Princess of Show---Uncle Joe-- Oberlander, Dick

Prince--Gemini--Bishop, Art & Bonnie

Court---Moonstone-- Oberlander, Dick

Court--Elina--Papale, Georgia

Court---Monika--Gipperich, Christina

Court---Elle-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie

Court---Trojan Victory-- Oberlander, Dick

Court---Sweetness-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie

Court---Tahitian Sunset-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie

Fl Bloom-Monkey Business--Degenhardt, Fr. Gervase

Fl Queen--Permanent Wave--- Oberlander, Dick

Modern Shrub---Tamora-- Gipperich, Christina

Mini Queen---Edisto--McKibben, David & Cil (M/F?)

Mini King--Linville-- Oberlander, Dick

Mini Princess---Glowing Amber--Howles, Dolores

Mini Prince--Liberty Bell-- Degenhardt, Fr. Gervase (M/F?)

Mini Spray---Jean Kenneally-- Papale, Georgia



COLUMBUS, OH 9-11-2010


"The Columbus Park of Roses"--Elton Smith

"Field of Corn"--Elton Smith--ARS Royalty

"Franklin Park Conservatory"--Elton Smith

The Greater Columbus Conv. Ctr--Gary, C. Barlow

"Red White and Boom"--Gary C. Barlow--Artist�s, Bronze Certificate

"Highbanks Metro Park"--Lew, Shupe, Silver Certificate

"Columbus Museum of Art--Lew Shupe--ARS Oriental Award

"The Ohio Theatre"--Elton Smith--ARS Mini Royalty Award

"Chief Leathetlips Monument"--Ann Smith, Mini Gold Certificate-

"Center of Science and Industry"--Ann Smith--ARS Mini Artist�s Award

"Olentangy Indian Caverns"--Ann Smith--Mini Silver Certificate-- Ann Smith

"Inniswood Metro Garden"--Ann Smith-- Mini Oriental, Mini Bronze Certificate

"Dublin Irish Festival"--Elton Smith--ARS Princess Award

"Ohio Statehouse"--Gary C. Barlow--Duchess, Gold Certificate

"City Lights"--Gary C. Barlow--ARS Duke Award

"German Village"--Ann Smith--ARS Court of Etiquette Award

"Italian Village"--Ann Smith--ARS Mini Court of Etiquette Award

Ohio: The Buckeye State--Gary C. Barlow



LOUISVILLE, KY 9-18-2010

ARRANGEMENT AWARDS "Everything�s Coming Up Roses"

"Red, Hot, and Blue�--Ann Jacobs--Royalty, Bronze Certificate

"Anything Goes"--Donna Tarrant--Artist, Gold Certificate

"Stars in Your Eyes""--Mary Hext--Oriental, Silver Certificate

"Strike Me Pink"--Paula Williams--Mini Royalty Award

"Take a Chance"--Mary Hext--Mini Artist-Silver Certificate

"Summer Garden"--Mary Lindle--Mini Oriental, Bronze Certificate

"Curtains Up"--Charlene Head--Court of Etiquette, Gold Certificate

"That Old Feeling"--Paula Williams--Mini Keepsake

"Thanks for the Memories"--Charlene Head--Large Keepsake



LANCASTER, PA 9-18-2010

ARRANGEMENT AWARDS: "Roses in Quilt Country"

"Winding Walk"--Nancy Redington--Royalty, Gold Certificate

John Siganaino trophy

Florance McNeil trophy

Benjamin Williams� trophy

"Peaceful Hours"--Jane Singer--Oriental Award

Tangled Lines"--Curtis Shipman--Artist, Silver Certificate

" "Odds & Ends--Nancy Redington--Duke Award

"Lost and Found"--Patricia Bilson--Duchess, Bronze Certificate

"Flower Fields"--Patricia Bilson--Mini Royalty Award

"Twist and Turns"--Gustav Banks--Bronze Certificate

"Shadows"--Nancy Redington--ARS Mini Gold Certificate

Rose Schartzkopt Trophy

"Memory"--Gustav Banks--Mini Oriental, Silver Certificate

"Treasure Box"--Jim Redington--Mini Keepsake

"Ladies� Wreath"--Nancy Redington--ARS Rosecraft


One Bloom--Andrew Hearne

Rose Spray--Tom Mayhew

Open Bloom--Julie Saurbaugh

Mini/Min Fl Bloom-- Tom Mayhew

Mini/ Min Fl Spray-- Tom Mayhew

Rose Garden or Activity-- Bill Kozemchak

Abstract or Impressionism--Bill Kozemchak

Rose Arrangement-- Tom Mayhew



PITTSBURG, PA 9-11-2010

Queen of Show--Dublin--Oberlander, Dick

King of Show---Veteran�s Honor-- Oberlander, Dick

Princess of Show--Uncle Joe-- Oberlander, Dick

Court--Gemini-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie

Best Open Bloom--Queen Elizabeth--Aumiller, Nancy

Fl Single--Monkey Business--Degenhardt, Fr Gervase--(Double?)

Fl Queen---Permanent Wave-- Oberlander, Dick

Best All Types--Tamora--Gipperich, Christina

Mini Queen---Edisto--McKibben, David & Cil (M/F?)

Mini King---Linville--Oberlander, Dick

Mini Princess---Glowing Amber--Howley, Dolores

Ht Rose in a Frame-- Moonstone-- Degenhardt, Fr Gervase

LG Rose in a Bowl--Moonstone-- Degenhardt, Fr Gervase

Mini Rose in a Frame--Butter Cream-- Consigliero, John (M /F?)

Mini Rose in a Bowl---Hot Tamale--Papale, Georgie

Mini Spray---Jean Kenneally--Papale, Georgie

Most Fragrant--Chrysler imperial--Bishop, Art & Bonnie

Mini/Min Fl Open Bloom--Autumn Splendor--Dotterway, K.

Best White--Moonstone-- Oberlander, Dick

Best Yellow--Elina-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie (ly?)

Best Orange--Monika-- Gipperich, Christina (ob?)

Best Pink--Elle-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie (pb?)

Best Red--Trojan Victory-- Oberlander, Dick (dr?)

Best Mauve--Sweetness-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie

Best Apricot--Tahitian Sunset-- Bishop, Art & Bonnie (ab?)

6 Specimens--Consigliero, John

Mini Cycle of bloom--Peach Delight-- McKibben, David & Cil

Mini English Box--Linville-- Howley, Dolores

Artist Challenge-- Howley, Dolores

Small Sweepstakes-- Howley, Dolores

Large Sweepstakes-- Degenhardt, Fr Gervase

HT/Gr Judges Award--Mike Wrightstone

Mini/Min Fl Judges Award--Donna Smith



LODI-CA 9-18-2020

Queen of Show--Jennirene--Sievers, Maryanne

King of Show---Looking Good-- Sievers, Maryanne

Princess of Show---Gemini--Devencenzi, Rita

Fl Bloom--Summer Fashion--Sievers, Gigi

Fl Bloom--Honey Bouquet--Young, Traci

Fl Queen---First Kiss--Laughlin, Paula

Polyantha Spray---Lady Reading-- Sievers, Gigi

Dowager Queen---Mme Boll-- Sievers, Gigi

Victorian Award---Francis Dubreuil-- Sievers, Maryanne

Climber---The Impressionist--Ackerman, Eleanor

Classic Shrub---Bouquet Parfait-- Sievers, Gigi

Mini Queen---Bee�s Knees-- Sievers, Maryanne

Mini King---Sam Trivitt-- Sievers, Maryanne

Mini Princess---Heather Sproul-- Sievers, Maryanne

Mini Spray-- Heather Sproul-- Ferraro, Jen

Mini Fl Queen---First Choice-- Sievers, Gigi

Mini Fl King---My Inspiration-- Sievers, Maryanne

Mini Fl Princess---Whirlaway-- Sievers, Maryanne



PORTLAND, OR 9-19-2010

Queen of Show--Signature--Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

King of Show---Pop Warner--Parke, Richard & Janis

Princess of Show---Helen Naude-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Court---Signature--Finch, Carl &Carolyn (same Variety as Queen?)

Vase of 3 HT--Signature-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Open Bloom--Melody Perfume-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

HT/Gr Spray--Snitzler, Margaret

5 HT One Variety--Fame-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

5 Mixed-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

HT Cycle of Bloom--Aromatherapy--Curtis, Dave & Eilene

3 One Color Class-- Parke, Richard & Janis

HT Colorama Challenge--Riggs, D. & Lee, L.

Portland Gold Medal-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Large English Box--, Parke, Richard & Janis

Large Rose in a Bowl-- Signature-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

Rose Portrait-- Signature--Garrison, Stan & Gladys

Fl Queen---Lavaglut--Baer, Richard & Charold

Fl King---Gene Boerner--Snitzler, Margaret

3 Fl Sprays--Lavaglut--Parke, Richard & Janis

Fl Competition-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

OGR--Rose de Rescht (1880) -- Finch, C. & C. (OGR-Prior to 1867?)

Rose Hips--R. rugosa alba--Wolford, Annegret

Polyantha Spray---The Fairy-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

Climber---Candy Land-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

Shrub--Stretch Johnson-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

Austin Shrub--Leonard Dudley Braithwaite--Finch, C. & C.

Mini Queen---Erin Alonso-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini King---Miss Flippins-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini Princess---Sam Trivitt-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini Spray---Dancing Flame-- Finch, Carl &Carolyn

Mini single-Neon Cowboy--Burge, Judy

Mini Competition-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini Cycle of Bloom--Jean Kenneally--Minten, Bernie &Mary

Mini Rose Box-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini Fully Open--Captivation-- Baer, Richard & Charold

Mini Colorama-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Floating Mini--Abby�s Angel-- Riggs, D. & Lee, L. (M/F?)

5 Mini�s--Miss Flippins--Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini Bowl-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini Rose Portrait--Seattle Sunrise--Finch, Carl &C. (M/F?)

Mini Rose Palette-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

3 Mini�s--Kristin-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Mini Fl Queen---Butter Cream--Allen, Karen & Merril

3 Mini Fl--Peter Cottontail--Allen, Karen & Merrill

Novice Fl or Cl--Ludwigshafen am Rhein--Jayne, Mary Ann

Novice HT--Artistry--Gallucci, Pete

Novice Open Bloom-Dream Comes True--Friar, Tom

Novice Mini--Happy Thoughts-- Gallucci, Pete

Junior Best Mini--Irresistible--Metz, Molly


Olympiad--Hervie, Molly--Oriental Design

Lavaglut--Finch, Carolyn-- Modern Creative Design

Julia Child--Fleck, Judy-- Traditional Design

Fleck, Judy Modern Traditional Design

Ruby Pendant--Fleck, Judy--Mini Oriental Design

Pierrine--Fleck, Judy--Mini Modern Creative Design




Queen of Show--Gemini--Smith, John & Cherlynn

King of Show---Affirm-- Smith, John & Cherlynn

Princess of Show---Dublin--Smith, John & Cherlynn

Court---Randy Scott- Smith, John & Cherlynn

Court--Moonstone-- Smith, John & Cherlynn

Fl Bloom--Sheila�s Perfume--Jones, Howard & Sara

Fl Bloom, Single--Betty Boop--Grass, Lynda & Steven

Fl Queen---Lavaglut--Price, Mike & Eve

Polyantha Spray---Snow White--Rankin, Gary & Monica

Dowager Queen---Souv de la Malmaison--Rankin, G. & M.

Victorian Award---Precious Dream-- Monroe, M / M Bruce

Classic Shrub---Pink Grootendorst--Monroe, M / M Bruce

Modern Shrub---Fair Bianca--Klassy, Diana

Mini Queen---Joy-- Rankin, Gary & Monica

Mini King---Renegade-- Rankin, Gary & Monica

Mini Princess---Mobile Jubilee-- Rankin, Gary & Monica

Mini Court---Breath of Spring--Hearne, Andrew

Mini Spray---Soroptimist International--Grass, Lynda & Steven

Mini Fl Queen---Shawn Sease-- Rankin, Gary & Monica

Mini Fl King---Shameless-- Rankin, Gary & Monica

Mini Fl Princess---Butter Cream--Smith, John & Cherlynn

Mini Fl Court--Abby�s Angel-- Rankin, Gary & Monica


J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy-- Smith, John & Cherlynn

J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora Trophy--Howard & Sara Jones,

Colonial District Members Trophy--Smith, John & Cherlynn

Charlie Bell Hi-Lo Memorial Trophy--Smith, John & Cherlynn

L.L. Lilly Memorial Trophy--Peggy Scott

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy-- Rankin, Gary & Monica

Denver Ray Memorial Trophy-- Smith, John & Cherlynn

Wheeler McFadden, Jr Memorial Trophy-- Smith, John & Cherlynn

Griffith Buck District Trophy--Annie Fleming



MEMPHIS TN 9- 25-2010

Queen of Show--Pop Warner--Manderson, Tammy

King of Show---Veteran�s Honor--Bingham, Peggy

Princess of Show---Moonstone--Manderson, Tammy

Court---Artic Circle--Toevs, Frank & Jeanne

Court--Louise Estes-- Toevs, Frank & Jeanne

Court--Cajun Sunrise-- Deck, Joanna

Court---Raphaela-- Toevs, Frank & Jeanne

Court---Pope John Paul II--Glover, Laverne

Court--- Gemini--Jacobs, Robert

Fl Bloom--Trumpeter-- Bingham, Peggy

Fl Queen---Playgirl-- Deck, Joanna

Dowager Queen---Eugene de Beauharnais--Wear, Don & Terry

Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht-- Wear, Don & Terry

Climber---Berries �n� Cream--Wear, Don & Terry

Shrub---Gardendirektor Otto Linne-- Glover, Laverne

Mini Queen---Best of �04-- Glover, Laverne

Mini King---Fairhope-- Manderson, Tammy

Mini Princess---Bee�s Knees--Baird, Larry & Connie

Mini Court---Soroptimist International-- Bingham, Peggy

Mini Court---Nancy Jean-- Baird, Larry & Connie

Mini Court---Odessa-- Bingham, Peggy

Mini Court---Breath of Spring-- Deck, Joanna

Mini Court---Arcanum--Jacobs, Robert

Mini Spray---Incognito-- Bingham, Peggy

Mini Fl Queen---Whirlaway-- Bingham, Peggy

Mini Fl King---Dr Troy Garret-- Bingham, Peggy

Mini Fl Princess---Lady, E�owyn-- Deck, Joanna

Mini Fl Court--Memphis King-- Glover, Laverne

Mini Fl Court--Ashton--Wear, Don & Terry

Mini Fl Court--First Choice-- Bingham, Peggy

Mini Fl Court--Butter Cream-- Bingham, Peggy

Mini Fl Court--Brand New Girlfriend-- Deck, Joanna

Mini Fl Spray--Foolish Pleasure--Rogers, John & Ray

ARS National Rosedale Bowl--Deck, Joanna


J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy--Bates, Michael & Mary

Ralph Moore District Trophy-- Deck, Joanna

Mack & Maybeth Blackburn Award--Peggy Bingham

Roy & Florance Graff Award--- Bates, Michael & Mary

Robert & Glenda Whitaker Award--Frank & Jeanie Toevs

Charles Dawson Memorial Award--Larry & Connie Baird

Lester Smith Award---Bates, Michael & Mary

Whit Wells Award--Joanna Deck

Dr. H. R. Rumble Memorial Award--Peggy Bingham


Traditional--"Yellow Herons"--Ray Hunter--Royalty & Gold

Modern--"The Chandelier"--Ray Hunter--Artist� & Silver

"Saffron Tower"--Connie Baird--Bronze Medal

Oriental--"Niijima Floaats"--Lori Emery--Oriental Award

Special Classes--"Sunset Boat--Mary Ann Hext--Princess Rosette

"The Moon"--Denise Thorne--Duke Rosette

"Blankets in Black"--Lois Sloan-Best Novice

"Blue Marlins"--Mayre Parr--Best Judges

Mini Modern--�Walla Walla"--Denise Thorne--Artist�s & Silver Medal

Mini Oriental--"Amber Cattails"--Connie Baird--Oriental & Gold Medal



ALBANY, OR 9-25-2010

Queen of Show--Signature--Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

King of Show--Veteran�s Honor-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Princess of Show--Let Freedom Ring-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Fl Bloom--Daybreaker--Parke, Richard & Janis

Fl Spray---Single--Eyepaint--McClain, Cheryl & Gary

Fl Spray, Double--Rainbow Sorbert-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Dowager Queen---Rosa rugosa--Wolford, James

Shrub, Small--Graham Thomas--Finch, Carl & Carolyn

Shrub, Large--Alba Meidiland--Castle, Emery & Betty

Climber---Fourth of July- McClain, Cheryl & Gary

Mini Queen---Giggles-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini King---Nancy Jean-- Cavanaugh, James & Nancy

Mini Princess---This is the Day--Sitton, John

Mini Spray---Dancing Flame--Smith, Dennis

Mini Fl Queen---Butter Cream--Baer, Charold & Richard



SELBY, NC 9-25-2010

Queen of Show--Here�s Sam--Whitt, Doug

King of Show---Touch of Class--Wright, Fred & Barbara

Princess of Show--Randy Scott-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Court---Cajun Moon-- Whitt, Doug

Court---Desperado-- Whitt, Doug

Court---Gemini-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Court---White Success-- Whitt, Doug

Fl Bloom--Hannah Gordon--Arthofer, Bob & Judy

Polyantha Spray--China Doll--Myers, Robert

Dowager Queen---Green Rose-- Myers, Robert

Modern Shrub--Orangeade-- Myers, Robert

Climber---Night Out-- Myers, Robert (F?)

Mini Queen---Nancy Jean-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Mini King---Best of �04-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Mini Princess---Joy-- Arthofer, Bob & Judy

Mini Court---Chattooga--Lundburg, Bob & Sandy

Mini Court---Ty-- Lundburg, Bob & Sandy

Mini Court---Bee�s Knees--Simpson, Henry & Stephanie

Mini Court---Orange Classic--Myers, Don & Mary

Mini Fl Queen---Shameless-- Arthofer, Bob & Judy

Mini Fl King---Dr Troy Garret-- Arthofer, Bob & Judy

Mini Fl Princess---Foolish Pleasure-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Mini Fl Court--Abby�s Angel-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Mini Fl Court--First Choice-- Simpson, Henry & Stephanie

Mini Fl Court--Unbridled-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Mini Fl Court--Whirlaway-- Lundburg, Bob & Sandy



OAKLAND, CA 9-25-2010

Rose Arrangement Awards:

"Pot of Gold"--Jennifer Galli--ARS Royalty Award

Lucia Morgan District Trophy

"Rainbow�s Reflection"--Lesa Lane--ARS Oriental Award

"Violet Mist"--Eilene Chun--ARS Silver Medal Certificate

"Rainbow Room"--Betty Ann Cassina--Etiquette, Bronze Metal

"A Pocket Full of Rainbows"--Jennifer Galli--Mini Royalty, Gold

"Radiance"--Lesa Lane--Oriental Award, Mini Silver Certificate

"Rainbow Bread"--Jennifer Galli--ARS Mini Court of Etiquette

"Double Rainbow"--Eilene Chun--ARS Mini Artist Award

"Rainbow�s End"--Elsina, Dean---ARS Keepsake Award

"Rainbow Tapestry"--Elsina Dean-ARS Rosecraft Award

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"--Barbara Gordon--Judges Award

Special Classes--

"Aurora Borealis�--Eilene Chun--Duchess, ARS Gold Medal

Earl Parson�s District Trophy

Robert Martin District Trophy

Best Arrangement in Show

"Reading Rainbow"--Jennifer Galli--Mini Princess, ARS Bronze

"Rainbow Girls"--Lesa Lane--ARS Princess

"Rainbow River"--Dave Shaw--ARS Best Novice

Charles & Elaine Cochran District Trophy



AUGUSTA, GA 10-2-2010

Queen of Show--King Kong--Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

King of Show---Here�s Gert-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Princess of Show---Marlon�s Day- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Court---Veteran�s Honor--Snellgrove, Delores

Court---Rosie O�Donnell-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Court---Hot Princess-- Snellgrove, Delores

Court---Cajun Moon-- Snellgrove, Delores

Court---Louise Estes-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Fl Bloom--Pete Musser--Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Fl Queen---Poulsen�s Pearl-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Polyantha Spray---Verdun--Boland, Linda & Ken

Dowager Queen---Marchesa Boccella--Blankenship, P. & C.

Victorian Award---Pink Pet--Reeves, Millie

Climber---Night Climber-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Queen---Joy--- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini King---Best of �04-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Princess---Hilde-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Court---Ty-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Court---Nancy Jean-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Court---Carolina Lady-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Court---Emma Grace- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Court---Bee�s Knees- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Spray---Ina-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Queen---Whirlaway-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl King--Memphis King--- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Princess---Tiffany Lynn-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Court--Tiffany Lite-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Court--Cooper-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Court--Foolish Pleasure-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Court--Butter Cream-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Court--Power Point-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini Fl Spray--Cooper-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte



NASHVILLE, TN 10-2-2010

Queen of Show--Louise Estes--Toevs, Frank & Jennie

King of Show---Cajun Signature--Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

Princess of Show---Desperado-- Toevs, Frank & Jennie

Court--- Here�s Sam-- Toevs, Frank & Jennie

Court--- White Success-- Toevs, Frank & Jennie

Court---Gentle Giant--Chappell, Bill & Jill

Court---St Patrick--Hunter, Ray

Court---Hot Princess--Clemons, David & Tammy

Fl Bloom--Sunsprite--Bates, Michel & & Mary

Fl Queen---Lavaglut-- Bates, Michel & & Mary

Polyantha Spray---The Fairy--Plant, Dianne

Dowager Queen---Mme Zoetmaans-- Toevs, Frank & Jennie

Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht--Garman, Keith

Climber---Altissimo--Worch, Cindy

Modern Shrub---Quietness--Dollinger, Mike

Mini Queen---Joy--Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini King---Nancy Jean-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Princess---Erin Alonso-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Court---Dancing Flame- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Court---Irresistible--Jacobs, Robert

Mini Court---Memphis Bell--Clark, Doyle

Mini Court---Sweet Revenge--Baird, Larry & Connie

Mini Court---Arcanum-- Chappell, bill & Jill

Mini Court--- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Spray--- Pierrine--Sloan, Lois

Mini Fl Queen---Tabasco Cat-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl King---Foolish Pleasure-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl Princess---Show Stopper-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl Court--Ghost Stopper-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl Court-Dr Troy Garret--- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl Court--Seattle Sunrise--Harding, Jim & Starla

Mini Fl Court--Jerry Lynn-- Chappell, bill & Jill

Mini Fl Court--Louisville Lady-- Jacobs, Robert

Mini Fl Spray--Andie McDowell-- Chappell, bill & Jill



EL CAJON, CA 10-2-2010

Queen of Show--Marlon�s Day--English, Roger & Madeline

King of Show---Black Magi--Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

Princess of Show---Moonstone--Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

3 HT�s--Kardinal--Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

6 HT�s--Kardinal--Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

Large Rose in a Bowl--Desperado--Bulman, Gary

Large Cycle of Bloom--Pop Warner-- Tiffany, Ruth

Picture Frame--Dayna Sawyer-- Bulman, Gary

Fl Bloom--Kanegem--Clark, Linda

Fl Queen---First Edition--Tiffany, Ruth

3 Fl Sprays--Playgirl--Tiffany, Ruth

Polyantha Spray---Anda--Martin, Bob & Dona

Genesis Award---R Moschata--Orent, Clifford

Dowager Queen--Baronne Prevost--- Orent, Clifford

Victorian Award---Hippolyte Jamain-- Orent, Clifford

Large Bloom Fully Open--Golden Holstein-- Clark, Linda

Fragrant Rose--Rouge Royale-- Tiffany, Ruth

Climber---Polka-- Tiffany, Ruth

Classic Shrub---Robin Hood-- Orent, Clifford

Modern Shrub--Evelyn--Bulman, Gary

Modern Shrub Spray--Carefree Spirit--Bulman, Gary

Mini Queen---Bee�s Knees-- English, Roger & Madeline

Mini King---Heather Sproul-- Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

Mini Princess---Erin Alonso-- Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

Mini Single---Grace Seward-- Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

Mini Fully Open--Wonderful News-- Strong, Kathleen

Mini Fl Queen---Powerhouse--Bulman, Gary

Mini Fl King---Louisville Lady--Tiffany, Ruth

Mini Fl Princess---Whirlaway---Bulman, Gary

3 Mini Fl Blooms--Whiraway--Bulman, Gary

Mini/Mini Fl Spray--Tabasco Cat-- Bulman, Gary

Mini/Mini Fl English Box--Whirlaway--Bulman, Gary

Mini/Mini Fl Picture Frame--Memphis Music--Strong, Kathleen

Mini/Mini Fl Artist�s Palette-- Mahanay, Bobbie & Carl

Novice, HT/Gr--Johann Strauss--Angel, Cheryl (F?)

Novice Mini/MInFL--What a Peach--Angel, Cheryl (S?)

Judges Award--Heaven on Earth--Strathman, Akiko


"ABC�s of Roses--Frank Hastings-Ron Hockwalt Trophy

"Awesome Art"--Sandy Campillo--Lila Mae Hastings Trophy

"Marvelous Music"--Sally Long--ARS Artist�s, Gold Medal

"Marbles"--Sandy Campillo--Oriental

"Open House"-- Sandy Campillo--Duchess, Bronze Medal

"Colored Crayons--Dixie Dahl--Duke, Silver Medal

"Line Leader"-- Sandy Campillo--Mini Royalty, Mini Gold Medal

"Backpack"--Sally Long--Mini Artist�s, Mini Silver Medal

"Origami"--Dixie Dahl--Mini Oriental, Mini Bronze Medal

"Sandbox Skills"--Sally Long--Mini Keepsake

"Library Books"--Sally Long--Keepsake Award

"Flower for the Teacher"--Miriam Yoder--1ST Place

"Teacher�s Pet"-- Miriam Yoder--Etiquette Award

Judge�s Class, Standard--Helen Baird--1ST Place

Judge�s Class, Mini Arrangement--Kreg Hill--Judges Award


Rose Portrait--St Patrick--Barbara Lester

Rose Close-up--Dairy Maid--Kathleen Strong

Rose Art--The Imposter--Barbara Lester

People in the Garden--Betty Boop--Marie & Ira Fletcher

A Rose Garden--Show Biz, Fame, Fourth of July-- Barbara Lester



FAIRFAX, VA 10-2-2010

Queen of Show--Let Freedom Ring--Borrmann, Ken

King of Show---Moonstone-- Borrmann, Ken

Princess of Show--Affirm-- Borrmann, Ken

Court--- Gemini-- Borrmann, Ken

Court---Touch of Class--Powers, Pam

Fl Bloom--Playboy-- Powers, Pam

Dowager Queen---Rouletti-- George, Kathy

Classic Shrub---F. J. Grootendorst--George, Kathy

Modern Shrub--Carefree Sunshine-- George, Kathy

Climber---Fourth of July--Mirilovich, Joe

Mini Queen---Fairhope-- Powers, Pam

Mini King---Bee�s Knees--Hearne, Andrew

Mini Princess---Soroptimist International-- Powers, Pam

Mini Court---Breath of Spring-- Powers, Pam

Mini Spray--- Soroptimist International--Toth, Bill

Mini Fl Queen---Conundrum-- Borrmann, Ken

Mini Fl King--- Dr John Dickman-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini Fl Princess---Madeleine-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini Fl Court--Unbridled-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini Fl Spray--Tabasco Cat--Mirilovich, Joe




Queen of Show--Let Freedom Ring--Carlson, Duane & Melody

King of Show--Desperado--Owendyk, Charlotte

Princess of Show--Secret--Fredrick, Judith

Court---Black Magic--Humenick, Muriel

Court---Elizabeth Taylor--Knowles, Linda

Court---Fairest One--Villegas, Baldo

Court--- Miyabi-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Court--Moonstone--Bennet, Sue

Court---Rosie O�Donnell-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Court---Tournament of Roses-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

LG Rose in a Bowl--Touch of Class-- Humenick, Muriel

Cycle of Bloom--Sunset Celebration---- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Rose Bouquet--Easy Going--Padgett, Bob

Fl Bloom--Angel Face--Knowles, Linda

Fl Queen---Moondance-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Polyantha Spray---Orange Miss Edith Cavell-- Villegas, Baldo

Dowager Queen---Green Rose-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Victorian Award---Paul Neyron-- Knowles, Linda

Modern Shrub--Wise Portia-- Villegas, Baldo

Climber---Night Owl-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Queen---Fancy That-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini King---Bee�s Knees-- Owendyk, Charlotte

Mini Princess---Deja Vous-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Court---Eternal Flame-- Villegas, Baldo

Mini Court---Jean Kenneally-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Court---Joy-- Villegas, Baldo

Mini Court---Linville-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Court---Pierrine-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Court--Rookie--- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Court---The lighthouse-- Villegas, Baldo

Mini Spray---Soffee-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Fl Queen---Double Take-- Owendyk, Charlotte

Mini Fl King---Yantai-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Fl Princess---Dr Troy Garret-- Villegas, Baldo

Mini Fl Court--Leading Lady-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Fl Court--Mr Lenard-- Villegas, Baldo

Mini /MInFL Open Bloom--Whistle Stop-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini /Min FL Single--Neon Cowboy-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini /Min FL Single Spray--Gizmo-- Villegas, Baldo

Mini /Min FL Single Bloom--Peggy "T"-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini /Min Fl English Box--Bee�s Knees-- Knowles, Linda

Mini /Min Fl Rose in a Bowl--Joy-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

3, Mini /Min Fl One Container--Salute-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Mini Min Fl Rose Bouquet--Bee�s Knees-- Knowles, Linda Mini /Min Fl --

Mini Fl Spray--Leading Lady-- Villegas, Baldo

Most Fragrant Rose--Evelyn--Newlin, Karen

Cycle of Bloom--Sunset Celebration---- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Rose Bouquet--Easy Going--Padgett, Bob

Tin Can Derby-- Padgett, Bob

Presidents Trophy--Night Owl-- Carlson, Duane & Melody

Trailing Rose--Graham Thomas--Jelton, Kay

Best Public Entry--Mother�s Love--Peterson, Emma

Best Novice--Veteran�s Honor--Short, Deb

Best Judges Entry--Stretch Johnson--Trimble, Gail


One Bloom--Soaring Spirits--Longanecker, Ellie

One Spray--Lyda-- Longanecker, Ellie

Rose Garden--Knowles, Linda

Abstract/Artwork Generated Picture-- Owendyk, Charlotte



NORFOLK, VA 10-6-20110

Queen of Show--Cajun Moon--Jones, Howard & Sara

King of Show---Cajun Sunrise-- Jones, Howard & Sara

Princess of Show---Bride�s Dream-- Jones, Howard & Sara

Fl Bloom--Easy Does it--de Bordenave, Constance

Fl Spray-- Betty Prior--Herrington, Frances

Climber--- Clair Martin--de Bordenave, Constance

Modern Shrub---Pillow Fight-- Jones, Howard & Sara

Mini Queen---Jean Kenneally-- Jones, Howard & Sara

Mini King---Irresisable--Jones, Howard & Sara

Mini Princess---Sunset Melody-- Jones, Howard & Sara (Sweet Melody?)

Mini Spray---Party Girl-- Jones, Howard & Sara

Mini Fl Queen---Cachet-- Jones, Howard & Sara

Mini Fl King---Shenandoah--Price, Michael & Evaline

Mini Fl Princess---Unbridled-- Jones, Howard & Sara



ATLANTA GA 10- 9, 2010

Queen of Show--Louise Estes--Clemons, David & Tammy

King of Show---Parole-Thorpe, Bob & Chris

Princess of Show---Veldfire-- Blankenship, Paul & C.

Court---Clich�--McKie, Dr. Kathleen

Court--My Lady Barbara--Wright, Fred & Barbara

Court---Artic Circle--House, Bob & Doris

Court---Uncle Joe-- House, Bob & Doris

Court--Veteran�s Honor--Prabhu, Satish & Vijaya

Court---Gemini--Dale, Cindy

Court---Marlon�s Day--Wright, Jack & Nancy

HT Fully Open--Color Magic--Bates, Michael & Mary

HT Spray--Ronald Reagan--Thorpe, Bob & Chris

HT Spray Single--Excite--Myers, Robert & Page, Jack

HT English Box-- Thorpe, Bob & Chris

3 HT�s--Veteran�s Honor--Chappell, Bill &Jill

Gr Spray---Gold Medal--Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Large Rose in a Bowl--Marilyn Wellan--Brickman, Dan & Barbara

Fl Bloom--Pete Musser--Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Fl Artist�s Palette--Schumaker, Harlan & Patricia Kay

3 Fl/Poly-- Myers, Robert & Page, Jack

3 Fl Blooms 1 / Stem--Pinnacle-- Myers, Robert & Page, Jack

Polyantha Spray---Wing-Ding--Myers, Don & Mary

3 OGR/Shrub�s--Champlain--Plasz, Andrew

Dowager Queen---Green Rose--Guillebeau, Ray

Victorian Award---Mystic Beauty-- Dale, Cindy

Climber---Clair Matin-- Myers, Robert & Page, Jack

Classic Shrub---Champlain--Plasz, Andrew

Modern Shrub---Queen Margrethe-- Myers, R. & Page, J.

Hi/Lo-- Louise Estes & Joy--Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Queen---Joy-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini King---Soroptimist International-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini Princess---Fairhope-- Blankenship, Paul & C.

Mini Court---Chattooga-- Guillebeau, Ray

Mini Court---Irresistible--Grass, Lyda & Steven

Mini Court---Best of �04-- Stream, Ralph & Jean

Mini Court---Chelsea-- Stream, Ralph & Jean

Mini Court---Bee�s Knees-- Wright, Jack & Nancy

Mini Court---Ty-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Court---Saluda--Brickman, Dan & Barbara

Mini Fully Open--Sweet Melody--Schumaker, H. & P.

Mini Single--Neon Cowboy-- Myers, R. & Page, J.

Mini Spray---Joy-- Clemons, David & Tammy

3 Miniatures--Joy-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Rose in a Bowl--Miss Charleston---Schumaker, H. & P.

Mini Fl Queen--Whirlaway-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Mini Fl King---Foolish Pleasure-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl Princess---Abby�s Angel-- Guillebeau, Ray

Mini Fl Court--Louisville Lady--Myers, Don & Mary

Mini Fl Court--Showstopper--Hearne, Andrew

Mini Fl Court--Unbridled-- Bates, Michael & Mary

Mini Fl Court--Mary Alice-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

Mini Fl Court--Double Take--Stream, Ralph & Jean

Mini Fl Court--Lady E�owyn-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl Court--First Choice-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini Fl Fully Open--Show Stopper-- Plasz, Andrew

Mini Fl Rose in a Bowl--Whirlaway--Thorpe, Bob & Chris

Mini Fl Spray--Cooper-- Dale, Cindy

3 Miniflora--Whirlaway-- Clemons, David & Tammy

Mini/Mini Fl English Box-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Mini/Mini Fl Artist�s Palette--Grass, Lyda & Steven

Mini/Mini Fl Cycle of Bloom--Nancy Jean--Clemons, D. & T.

Mini/Mini Fl Sprays--Ina-- Blankenship, Paul & Charlotte

Fragrance--Dolly Parton-- Dale, Cindy

Seedling / Sport--Merlot x Robin Alonso-- Clemons, D. & T. (Class of Rose?)

Small Rose Tin Can--Fleek, John & Diana

Large Rose Tin Can-- Brickman, Dan & Barbara

Novice--Molineux--Sheats, Heather

Judges Award--Whirlaway--Carman, Howard

National Challenge Classes

J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy-- Wright, Jack & Nancy

Earl of Warwick Urn-- Wright, Fred & Barbara

National Pacific R S Perpetual Challenge Trophy--Wright, F. & B.

Dr T. Allen Kirk Memorial Trophy--Prabhu, Satish & Vijaya

Robert E. and Mildred C. Lawton Mini Trophy-- Prabhu, S. & V.

Ralph Moore National Trophy-- Hearne, Andrew

J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora Trophy-- Prabhu, Satish & Vijaya

Rose Hybridizers Association Trophy--Clemons, David

Garden Web Rose Forum Best in Show--Louise Estes--Clemons, David & Tammy


Overesch Memorial--Jim Herrell

Deep South District Challenge--Jeff Hoffman

Millie Walters Memorial--Jim Harrell

District Directors Mini Fl Arrangement Trophy--Joanne Maxheimer

"Sweet Tea"--Susan Waites--Royalty, Bronze Certificate

"She Crab Soup"--Susan Waites--Artist�s Award

"Mint Juleps in the Blue Grass"--Susan Waites--Oriental Award

"Black Eyed Peas"-- Susan Waite--Duchess, ARS Gold Certificate

"Shrimp & Grits"--Paula Williams--Duke, ARS Silver Certificate

"Tailgating at the Georgia-Florida Game"--Susan Waites

Court of Etiquette

ARS Princess Award

"Charleston Artillery Punch"--Sam Jones--Judges Award

"Brunswick Stew"--Jim Harrell--ARS Keepsake Award

"Ambrosia"--Diane Snyder--Rosecraft Award

"Goo-Goo Cluster--Martha Youmans--ARS Mini Royalty

"Hush Puppies"--Paula Williams--ARS Mini Silver Certificate

"Mimosas Under The Pines"--Don Myers--ARS Bronze Certificate

"Cheer Wine"--Susan Waites-- ARS Princess Award

"Mountain Dew"--Memphis King--P. Williams--ARS Mini Gold (M/F?)

"Dirty Rice"--Donna Tarrant--Judges Award

"Cheese Grits"--Autumn Splendor--P. Williams--Mini Keepsake (M/F?)

"Divinity"--Susan Waites--Mini Rosecraft



CONWAY, AR 10-10-2010

Queen of Show--Gemini--Shockley, David & Carol

King of Show---Louise Estes--Toevs, Frank & Jeannie

Princess of Show---Deidre Hall-- Toevs, Frank & Jeannie

Court---Cajun Moon-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Court--Mu Lan--Adlong, Don & Paula

Court--- Distant Sounds--Cooper, Ralph &Gail

Court---Moonstone-- Cooper, Ralph &Gail

Court---Affirm-- Toevs, Frank & Jeannie

Court---Veteran�s Honor-- Toevs, Frank & Jeannie

Court--Marlon�s Day--Johnson, Don & Brenda

Fl Bloom--Sheila�s Perfume--Deck, Joanna

Fl Queen---Nicole--Barry, Ben & Susan

Polyantha Spray---China Doll, Cl-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Dowager Queen---Souv de la Malmaison--Adlong, Don & Paula

Victorian Award---Paul Neyron-- Johnson, Don & Brenda

Climber---Fourth of July-- Shockley, David & Carol

Shrub--Louise Clements--- Johnson, Don & Brenda

Mini Queen---Bee�s Knees-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Mini King---Joy-- Deck, Joanna

Mini Princess---Ty-- Deck, Joanna

Mini Court---Breath of Spring-- Shockley, David & Carol

Mini Court---Daddy Frank-- Shockley, David & Carol (M/F?)

Mini Court---Memphis Bell-- Shockley, David & Carol

Mini Court---Sam Trivitt-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Mini Court---Nancy Jean-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Mini Court---Dancing Flame-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Mini Court---Soroptimist International-- Johnson, Don & Brenda

Mini Spray---Joy-- Deck, Joanna

Mini Fl Queen---Kismet-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Mini Fl King---Baldo Villegas-- Barry, Ben & Susan

Mini Fl Princess---Tiffany Lite-- Adlong, Don & Paula

Mini Fl Court--Unbridled-- Shockley, David & Carol

Mini Fl Court--Whirlaway-- Shockley, David & Carol

Mini Fl Court--Show Stopper-- Shockley, David & Carol

Mini Fl Court--Joy Kathleen-- Shockley, David & Carol

Mini Fl Court--Memphis King-- Johnson, Don & Brenda

Mini Fl Court--Abby�s Angel-- Barry, Ben & Susan

Mini Fl Court--Conundrum-- Deck, Joanna



DALLAS, TX 10-16-2010

Queen of Show--Let Freedom Ring--Herbison, James

King of Show---Gemini--Agee, Vicki

Princess of Show--Silverado, Allen, John

Court---Cajun Moon--Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Court---Rephidy--Krause, Earl & Deanna

Court--- Louise Estes-- Herbison, James

Court---Veteran�s Honor-- Krause, Earl & Deanna

Court---Desperado-- Krause, Earl & Deanna

Court---Signature-- Krause, Earl & Deanna

Court---St Patrick-- Herbison, James

Fl Bloom--Pinnacle-- Agee, Vicki

Fl Queen---Johnny Becnel-- Agee, Vicki

Dowager Queen---Souv de la Malmaison--Mainwaring. Carol

Victorian Award---Mrs Dudley Cross-- Krause, Earl & Deanna

Modern Shrub--Deanna-- Krause, Earl & Deanna

Climber---Night Owl-- Krause, Earl & Deanna

Mini Queen---Nancy Jean-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini King---Karaoke-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Princess---Fairhope--Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Court---Memphis Bell-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Court---Incognito-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Court---Memphis Queen-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Court---Chattooga--Stanford, Jimmy

Mini Court---Miss Flippins-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Court---Sweet Caroline-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Queen---First Choice-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl King---Abby�s Angel-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Fl Princess---Dr Troy Garret-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Fl Court--Show Stopper-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Joy Kathleen-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Fl Court--Top Contender--- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Deja Blu-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Unbridled-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Fl Court--Hurricane-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Mikayla Danille--Dickson, Jack & Lorrie



FRESNO, CA 10-17-2010

Queen of Show--Gemini-- Braun, Michael

King of Show---Stainless Steel-- Braun, Michael

Princess of Show--Pearl--Burg, Ted & Linda

Fl Bloom--Monkey Business-- Braun, Michael

Fl Queen--Sun Flare--Schramm, Dwayne

Polyantha Spray---China Doll--Welzenbaaach, Bill

Dowager Queen---Adam-- Braun, Michael

Victorian Award---Susan Louise--Shaw, John

Classic Shrub---Dortmund-- Burg, Ted & Linda

Modern Shrub--Bishop�s Castle-- Braun, Michael

Climber---America-- Braun, Michael

Mini Queen---Peaches �n� Cream-- Shaw, John

Mini King--Dancing Flame-- Burg, Ted & Linda

Mini Princess---Chelsea Belle-- Burg, Ted & Linda

Mini Spray---Roller Coaster-- Burg, Ted & Linda

Mini Fl Queen---Double Take-- Burg, Ted & Linda

Mini Fl King---Lo and Behold-- Burg, Ted & Linda

Mini Fl Princess---Thanks to Sue-- Shaw, John



CORONA DEL MAR, CA 10-23-2010

Queen of Show--Hot Princess--Belendez, Bob & Kitty

King of Show---Moonstone--Stage, Jeff

Princess of Show--Black Magic--Strathmann, Akiko

Court---Desperado--Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria

Court---Gemini-- Youngewirth, Gerry & Gloria

Court--- Veteran�s Honor-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Court--- Big Time-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

HT/Gr Decorative bloom--Pink Traviata-- Strathmann, Akiko

3 HT/Gr Blooms--Veteran�s Honor-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

HT/Gr Cycle of Bloom--Black Magic-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

HT/Gr Fully Open--Henry Fonda--Strong, Kathleen

HT/Gr English Box-- Stage, Jeff

HT/Gr Spray--Gemini-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Fl /Poly Bloom--Purple Tiger-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

3 Fl Blooms---Purple Tiger-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Fl Queen---Inter. Herald Tribune-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Fl King---Trumpeter-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Fl Princess---Lavaglut--Sanchez, Marcia & Cordelia

Fl Court--Escapade-- Strong, Kathleen

Fl Court--Fabulous--LaChance, Candy

Fl Court--By Appointment-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Fl Court--Playgirl-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

3 Fl Sprays--Kimono--Orent, Cliff

Fl Single Bloom--Puanani--Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Fl Single Spray--Playgirl-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Polyantha Spray---Wing-Ding--Ekuan, Lilly & Justin

Dowager Queen---Eugene Beauharnais--Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Victorian Award---Oskar Kordel-- Orent, Cliff

3 OGR�s Bloom /Spray--Green Rose-- Orent, Cliff

Classic Shrub---Walferdange-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Modern Shrub--Evaly Jane-- Orent, Cliff

6 Shrubs--Pillow Fight--Birsic, Dorothy

Most Fragrant Rose--Fragrant Cloud--Vogelsang, Brooke

Climber--- Fourth of July-- LaChance, Candy

Mini Queen---Josh Alonzo--Hoffman, Kathy

Mini King---Breath of Spring-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Princess---Jilly Jewel-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Court---Arcanum-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Court---Bon Fire-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty (Bonfire?)

Mini Court---Nancy Jean--Strathmann, Akiko

Mini Court---Fairhope--Strathmann, Akiko

Mini Fl Queen---Show Stopper-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Fl King---Unbridled-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Fl Princess---Dr John Dickman-- LaChance, Candy

Mini Fl Court--Baldo Villegas-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Fl Court--Equinox-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Fl Court--Whirlaway-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Fl Court--Memphis Magic-- Hoffman, Kathy

Mini Min Fl Spray--Lavender Spoon-- Strong, Kathleen

3 Mini Min Fl Blooms--Louisville Lady-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

3 Mini Min Fl Sprays--Gourmet Popcorn-- LaChance, Candy

Mini Min Fl Single--Peggy "T"-- Strathmann, Akiko

Mini Min Fl Open Bloom--Show Stopper-- Belendez, Bob & Kitty

Mini Min Fl English Box--Butter Cream-- Strathmann, Akiko

Best Novice Entry--Lynn Anderson--Paulsen, Mary

Seedling any type--Gemini x Unknown--Aguilar, Sergio

Junior Entry--Bee�s Knees--Sanchez, Cordelia

Rose-in-a Bowl--Gruss an Aachen-- Strong, Kathleen

Rose-in-a Bowl Mini--Solar Flair-- Strathmann, Akiko

Best Judges HT/Gr--Gemini-- Kilmer, Diana & Walt

Best Judges F/Poly--Chihuly-- Kilmer, Walt

Best Judges Miniature--Show Stopper--Kilmer, Diana & Walt (M/F?)

Best Judges Any Type--Joasine Hanet, Jones, Bud

Best Judges in Class--Joasine Hanet, Jones, Bud

Artist Palette---Stage, Jeff

Virginia Carlson CC-- Strathmann, Akiko

Rose in a Picture Frame--St Patrick--Hoffman, Kathy


"Farm Stand"--Marcia Sanchez-Walsh--Royalty, Gold Medal

"Tide Pools"--Cordelia Sanchez-Walsh--Artist, Silver Medal

"Harvest Moon"--Katie Crawford--Oriental, Bronze Metal

Doris Hines Memorial--Jan Brider

"Tea For Two"--Dorothy Birsic--Court of Etiquette

"Hayride"--Diana Kilmer--Duchess

"Avocado Grove"-- Marcia Sanchez-Walsh--Mini Royalty, Gold Medal

"Boysenberry Pie"--Kathie Crawford--Mini Artist, Silver Medal

"Pixie Treasures"-- Kathie Crawford--Mini Oriental Manner, Bronze

"Centennial Farm"-- Cordelia Sanchez-Walsh--Junior Arrangement



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