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ARS June July and August, 2010 Rose Show Winners

13 years ago


By Ronald Schwerdt


On June 29, 2010, ARSs President announced that ARS Rose Exhibitors

Forum publication, will be renamed "Exhibitors Quarterly", and no longer

contain local ARS Rose show results. Along with this, believe ARS Rose

Arrangements are an essential part of a rose show. Winning arrangements

show an arrangerÂs artistic ability and entitled to wider acknowledgement.

I have taken it upon myself to include them, alongside horticulture winners

of ARS local rose shows. To have your society show winners listed and receive

a copy at no cost, e-mail show results to

Data used is derived from ARS sources, but not necessarily an ARS publication



Queen of Show---Brandenburg Gate-- Jones, Phillis

King of Show---Marilyn Monroe--Coolidge, Debbie

Princess of Show---Mavrik--Langford, Williams

Royal Court---Moonstone--Jones, Phillis

Royal Court---Affirm-- Jones, Phillis

Royal Court---St Patrick--Barbuty, Susan

Fl Queen---Lady Of The Dawn--Sanford, Joanie & Bob

Fl Bloom--Rainbow Sorbert--Sanford, Joanie & Bob

Dowager Queen---Archduke Charles--Bailey, Eileen

Victorian Award---Eugene E. Marlitt-- Langford, Williams

Climber---Don Juan-- Sanford, Joanie & Bob

Modern Shrub---Heritage-- Coolidge, Debbie

Mini Queen---Tropical Twist-- Sanford, Joanie & Bob

Mini Spray---Joy-- Coolidge, Debbie

Mini Fl Queen---Leading Lady-- Sanford, Joanie & Bob

Mini Fl King---Cachet--Hoffman, Jeff

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Roses, NatureÂs Wonder)

"Visiting the Everglades"--Jeff Hoffman--Oriental, Gold Medal



NEW BERN, NC 5-8-2010

Queen of Show---Natasha Monet--White, Harold

King of Show---VeteranÂs Honor--Schmidt, Ken & Alice

Princess of Show---Blake Hendrick-- Schmidt, Ken & Alice

Fl Queen---Escapade-- White, Harold

Fl Bloom--Pinnacle-- White, Harold

Polyantha Spray---Mrs R. M. Finch-- White, Harold

Dowager Queen---La Reine-- White, Harold

Victorian Award---Rose De Rescht-- White, Harold

Climber---Clair Matin-- Ester, Ed & Lenna

Classic Shrub---Wild Thing--Myers, Don, & Mary

Modern Shrub---English Garden-- Myers, Don, & Mary

Mini Queen---Soroptimist International--Schmidt, Ken & Alice

Mini King---Eternal Flame-- Myers, Don, & Mary

Mini Princess---Joy--¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Ester, Ed & Lenna

Mini Spray---Simple Splendor-- Myers, Don, & Mary

Mini Fl Queen---Whirlaway-- Myers, Don, & Mary

Mini Fl King---Flawless--Knerr, Robert

Mini Fl Princess---Dr Troy Garret-- Myers, Don, & Mary

Mini Fl Spray--Edisto--Ester, Ed & Lenna




Rose Arrangement Awards: (Planet Roses)

Nora Katherman Trophy:

"Balance in Nature"--Cynthia Chuang--National Award

Bea Sattee Miniature Trophy:

"Climate Change"-- Cynthia Chuang--National Award

"The Good Earth"-- Cynthia Chuang--Oriental, Gold Medal

"Spaceship Earth"--B. J. Abshire--Novice--Silver Medal

"Bounty of Mother Earth"-Marilyn Wellan--Ct. of Etiquette--Bronze Award

"Solar Power"--Sheryl Broussard--Royalty

"Dream of World Peace"--Susan Halthorn--Artist Award

"We are the World"-- Susan Halthorn-- Princess

"Timeless Beauty"-- Susan Halthorn--Rosecraft Award

"Earthkind People"--Kreg Hill--Judge

"Air Quality"-- Cynthia Chuang--Mini Duchess, Mini Gold Medal

"Recycled Beauty"-- Sheryl Broussard--Mini Royalty, Mini Silver Medal

"Jungle Canopy"-- Sheryl Broussard--Mini Bronze Medal

"Heritage of our Children"-- Sheryl Broussard--Mini Rosecraft




Queen of Show-VeteranÂs- Honor Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

King of Show--Hot Princess-Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

Princess of Show--Crystalline-Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

Royal Court-Red Intuition-Carman, Howard & Williams

Royal Court-Black Magic- Preston, Jim & Barbara

Royal Court-Gold Medal-Rein, Sheldon

Royal Court-Cajun Sunrise-Preston, Jim & Barbara

HT/GR Spray--Spice Twice--Lockhart, Ricky

HT/GR Open--Red Intuition-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

HT/GR in a Bowl--Louise Estes--Campbell, Kent & Claire

HT/GR Open in a Bowl--Mulan--Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

Fl Queen--Brass Band--Jacobs, Bob

Fl Bloom--Brass Band-- Jacobs, Bob

Poly Spray--Wing-Ding--Carman, Howard & Williams, Paula

Dowager Queen-Marchesa Boccella-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Victorian Award-Zephirine Drouhin--Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Classic Shrub-Pink Grootendorst-Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Modern Shrub-Graham Thomas-Dodson, Kathy

Climber- Night Owl- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Mini Queen-Carolina Lady- Carman, Howard & Williams

Mini King--Soroptimist International--Baird, Larry & Connie

Mini Princess- Carman, Howard & Williams

Mini Court-Michel CholetÂCarman, Howard & Williams

Mini Court-BeeÂs Knees- Baird, Larry & Connie

Mini Court-Ty- Baird, Larry & Connie

Mini Court-Nancy Jean- Preston, Jim & Barbara

Mini Spray- Kristin- Carman, Howard & Williams

Mini Single--Simplex--Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Mini in a Bowl--Soroptimist International-- Baird, Larry & Connie

Min FL Queen-Mr Lenard-Campbell, Kent& Claire

Min FL King-Memphis King- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Min FL Princess-Baldo Villegas- Carman, Howard & Williams

Min FL Court-Butter Cream- Carman, Howard & Williams

Min FL Court-Shameless- Carman, Howard & Williams

Min FL Court-Deja Blu- Carman, Howard & Williams

Min FL Court-Conundrum-Preston, Jim & Barbara

Min FL Spray-Foolish Pleasure-Preston, Jim & Barbara

Mini Fl in a Bowl--Memphis King-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Mini/Min Fl Open--Dr John Dickman-- Carman, Howard & Williams, Paula

Challenge Classes, Large Roses

Salute to BGRS--Rein, Sheldon

A Rose in a Bottle--Vital-- Baird, Larry & Connie

Mixed Quartet-- Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

Salute to WKU-- Preston, Jim & Barbara

Mixed Trio-- Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

Twins--MarlonÂs Day & SpringÂs A CominÂ--Jacobs, Bob

Cycle of Bloom--Helen Naude-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

English Box--Moonstone--Jacobs, Bob

Spray Trio--Sexy Rexy--Coffey, Brenda

Ti Can--(8) HTÂs --Preston, Jim & Barbara

Challenge Classes, Small Roses

Whit Wells Challenge-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Small Trio-- First Choice--Worsham, Lyle & Ruby

Multi-Blossom Trio-- Wuorenmaa, Sharon

Mini English Box-- Carman, Howard & Williams

Mini ArtistÂs Palette-- Baird, Larry & Connie

Judges Challenge--Tie: Owen, Anne & Rodgers, Kay & John

Rose Arrangement Awards:

"An Opening Toast" --Connie Baird--Gold Medal, Artist Award

"Group Sings Happy Birthday"-- Kathy Dodson---Silver Medal

"A Personal Adornment"--Connie Baird--Bronze Medal

"Many Friends Attend"--Kathy Dodson---Royalty

"DJ Plays Songs of 50 Years Ago"--Kathy Dodson---Oriental

"Group Plays Charades"--Paula Williams--Mini Gold Medal, Mini Artist

"Friends Buy Present"--Mary Ann Hext-- Mini Silver Medal

"Roses Rule"--Jim Zimmerman--Judges Award

BEST OF SHOW ARS Artist Award & Gold Medal-- Baird, Connie




Mini Queen--- Soroptimist International--Dr Troy Garret

Mini King--- Mini Tango--Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Princess---Best Of Â04-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Court---Nashville Music-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Court---Dancing Flame-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Court---Mobile Jubilee-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Court---Arcanum-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Court--- My Hometown-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Court---Joy-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Court----Miss Flippins--Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Spray-Fairhope-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Fl Queen---AbbyÂs Angel-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Fl King---Unbridled--Wheeler, Bert & Kathy

Mini Fl Princess---Robin Alonso-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Edisto-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Solar Flair-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Memphis Blues-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--Conundrum-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee

Mini Fl Court--First Choice-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Court---Joy Kathleen-- Dickson, Jack & Lorrie

Mini Court--Shameless-- Dr Troy Garret

Mini Fl Spray--Memphis Cajun-- Niklas, Dennis & Renee




Queen of Show---Marilyn Wellan--Richardson, J. & B.

King of Show--- VeteranÂs Honor--Barber, Sybil

Princess of Show---Louise Estes-- Richardson, J. & B.

Royal Court---Brandburg Gate-- Richardson, J. & B.

Royal Court---Raphaela--Whitt, Doug

Royal Court---Folklore--Lawson, Steve

HT Spray--Elegant Beauty-- Whitt, Doug

HT Open Bloom--Hot Princess--Hiatt, Ed

HT Cycle of Bloom--Voluptuous--Owen, Ray & Cathy

HT English Box--VeteranÂs Honor-- Richardson, J. & B.

Fl Queen---Charlotte Ann--Simpson, Henry (Anne ?)

Floribunda Palette--Sherman, Meredith

Fl Bloom--Bill Warriner-- Barber, Sybil

Dowager Queen---Jeanne DÂarc--Simpson, Henry

Victorian Award---Paul Neyron--Waites, Susan

Climber---Altissimo--Simpson, Henry

Shrub---Prosperity--Simpson, Henry

Mini Queen---The Lighthouse--Simpson, Henry

Mini King---Joy-- Arthofer, Bob, & Judy

Mini Princess---Soroptimist International-- Richardson, J. & B.

Mini Court---Klassy Lady--Richardson, James & Brenda

Mini Court--Tennessee--Meyers, Don

Mini Court---Irresistible--Fritts, Amos & Marie

Mini Spray---Peggy T-- Meyers, Don

Mini Single (5-12 Petals)--Peggy T-- Meyers, Don (4-8 Petals?)

Mini English Box--Arcanum--Waites, Susan

Mini Rose In a Bowl--Joy-- Arthofer, Bob, & Judy

Mini Fl Queen---Foolish Pleasure-- Arthofer, Bob, & Judy

Mini Fl King---First Choice-- Simpson, Henry

Mini Fl Princess---Unbridled-- Waites, Susan

Mini Fl Court--Robin Alonso--Fritts, Amos & Marie

Mini Fl Court--Shameless-- Simpson, Henry

Mini Fl Open Bloom--Nemesis-- Waites, Susan

Mini Fl Spray--Ricky Hendrick-- Barber, Sybil

Mini Fl Palette--Arthofer, Bob, & Judy

Mini Fl Bouquet--Waites, Susan (Roses Listed Are MiniÂs ?)

Mini Fl Rose Framed--Cooper-- Richardson, J. & B.

Rose In A Bowl--Signature--Meyers, Don

Two Min/Mini Fl Roses--Stevens, Lynn

Hi/Lo--Gold Medal & Autumn Splendor--Meyers Robert

The Neil & Ro Sykes Trophy--Richardson, James & Brenda

A Tribute to Parents--Trotter, Jerri

The Amos & Marie Fritts Award--Fritts, Amos & Marie

The Winston-Salem Rs Tribute--Meyers, Robert




Rose Arrangement Awards:

"Foot Loose and Fancy Free"--Linda Palmer--Artist, Gold Medal

"Sushi"--Linda Palmer--Royalty, Silver Medal

"SimmerÂs Kiss"--Paula Williams--Mini Artist, Mini Gold Medal

"Fire and Ice"--Paula Williams--Mini Royalty, Mini Silver Medal

"Mount Fuji"--Linda Palmer--Mini Oriental, Mini Bronze Medal



SAN DIEGE, CA 6-5-2010

Rose Arrangement Awards:

"Masses of Roses"--Marcia Sanchez-Walsh--Royalty

"Roses by the Bay-San Diego--Dixie Dahl--Artist, Gold Metal

"China Roses"--Helen OÂHara--Oriental Award

"Very British Roses-London--Marcia Sanchez-Walsh--Duchess, Silver Medal

"Yellow Rose of Texas"-- Marcia Sanchez-Walsh--Princess

"Horsing Around Polo Grounds, Indio, Ca-- Dixie Dahl--Duke, Bronze Metal

"Roses from the South-ARS Headquarters"--Linda Clark--Mini Royalty, Mini Bronze Medal

"Hawaiian Waterfalls"--Sandy Campillo--Mini Silver Metal

"Barona Jackpot Roses"--Linda Clark--Mini Artist



HOBART, IN 6-5-2010

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Potpourri)

"Pool of Tranquility"--Doris Fadely--Oriental, Gold Metal

"Victorian DreamÂ--Andy Plasz--Royalty, Silver Metal

"Whispering Sans"--Dave Rohr--Mini Royalty, Mini Gold Metal

"GrandmaÂs Garden"--Andy Plasz--Mini Oriental, Mini Silver Metal

"Out of This World"--Andy Plasz--Mini Artist, Mini Bronze Metal



DETROIT, MI 6-12-2010

Queen of Show---Hot Princess---Schrift, Diane & Tom

King of Show---Coral Fiesta---Schrift, Diane & Tom

Princess of Show---Touch Of Class--Lower, Renee

Royal Court---Andrea Stelzer--Kaplenski, Mark

Royal Court---Gold Medal-- Kaplenski, Mark

Royal Court---Dublin-- Kaplenski, Mark

Royal Court---Diana, Princess Of Wales--Kaplenski, Mark

Fl Queen---Sexy Rexy--Loch, Ron

Polyantha Spray---Verdun--Kardos, Sharon

Dowager Queen---Charles De Mills--Kaier, Tim

Victorian Award---Zephirine Drouhin-- Lower, Renee

Climber---Altissimo-- Lower, Renee

Modern Shrub---Robusta--Kern, Mike

Mini Queen---Tropical Twist--Kwarcinski, Roman

Mini King---Jean Kenneally-- Kaplenski, Mark

Mini Princess---Incognito-- Kaplenski, Mark

Mini Court---Sweet Melody-- Kaplenski, Mark

Mini Court---Irresistible--Allen, Janice

Mini Court---Butter Cream--Hammill, Lynne (M/F ?)

Mini Court---Iced Raspberry--Kardos, Sharon

Mini Spray---Irresistible-- Kaplenski, Mark

Rose Arrangement Awards:

"Baptism by Fire"--Diane Schrift--Ct of Etiquette, Gold Medal

"Finding Bal. Between Body & Soul"--Andrea Maceri--

Oriental, Silver Medal

"Walking for a Diploma"--Sharon Kardos--Royalty, Bronze Medal

"Dreaming the Impossible Dream"--Diane Schrift--Artist

"Two Become One"--Diane Schrift--Mini Oriental,Mini Gold Medal

"Welcome New Life"--Cheryl Menard--Mini Royalty, Mini Silver Medal

"Choosing the Path Less Taken"--Diane Schrift--Mini Artist, Mini Bronze Medal



CORVALLIS, OR 6-12-2010

Queen of Show---Solitaire--Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

King of Show---Neptune--Castle, Emery & Betty

Princess Of Show---Marilyn Monroe--Sitton, John

Fl Queen---Evelyn Fison-- Castle, Emery & Betty

Fl King---Playboy-- Castle, Emery & Betty

M--Day Breaker-- Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

Polyantha Spray---Verdun--Castle, Emery & Betty

Dowager Queen---Baronne Prevost-- Rowe, K. & L.

Victorian Award---Rose De Rescht-- Rowe, K. & L.

Climber---Altissimo--Selby, Gail & Vi

Shrub Best---Pink Knock Out--Miles, Stanley

Shrub 2nd Best--Leonard Dudley Braithwaite--Rowe, K. & L.

Shrub 3rd Best--Stretch Johnson--Rowe, K. & L.

Mini Queen---Luis Desamero--Sitton, John

Mini King---Lipstick ÂNÂ Lace--Sitton, John

Mini Princess---Dancing Flame--Sitton, John

Mini Spray---Michel Cholet--Minten, Bernie & Mary



DES MOINS, IA 6-12-2010

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Roses in My Garden)

"Double Delight"--Marge Godfrey--We Salute You--Princess, Gold Metal

"VeteranÂs Honor"--Marilyn Spencer--Royalty, Gold Metal

"Black Magic"-- Marge Godfrey--Artist, Bronze Metal

"Over the Moon"--Gary Osborn--Oriental

"Diana Princess of Wales"-- Gary Osborn--Princess

"Raspberry Swirls"--Court of Etiquette

"Keepsake"-- Marge Godfrey--Keepsake Award

"Anna Livia"--Marge Godfrey--Royalty

"Conundrum"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Oriental, Mini Gold Metal

"Giggles"--Mini Artist, Mini Silver Metal

"Pierrine"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Royalty, Mini Bronze Metal

"Leading Lady"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Princess

"Party Time"--Marge Godfrey--Mini Court of Etiquette

"Autumn Splendor"-- Marge Godfrey--Conundrum--Mini Keepsake

"Minnie Pearl"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Royalty

"StephenÂs Big Purple"--Marlene Maroff--Judges Award




Rose Arrangement Awards: (Garden Music)

"The Stature of Liberty"--Bill Carlson--Artist, Gold Metal

"The Great Lakes"--Linda Kimmel--Oriental, Silver Metal

"Vacation in Hawaii"--Renee LaFollette--Duke, Bronze Metal

"The Pet Parade"--Paula Williams--Mimi Artist, Mini Gold Metal

"The California Gold Rush"--Paula Williams--Mini Silver Metal

"Oriental Art"--Paula Williams--Mini Oriental, Mini Bronze Metal



READING, PA 6-13-2010

Queen of Show--- Let Freedom Ring--Geltz, Deb & Wayne

King of Show---Moonstone-- Geltz, Deb & Wayne

Princess of Show---Denali-- Borrmann, Ken

Fl Queen---Stadt den Helder--Glases, Kevin

Fl Bloom--Playgirl--Monroe, Bruce

Polyantha Spray---Orleans Rose--Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy

Dowager Queen---Rosa gallica officinalis--

Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht--Monroe, Bruce

Climber---Purple Splash-- Kozemchak, Bill & Kathy

Shrub--Louise Clements-- Glases, Kevin

Mini Queen---Joy-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini King---Irresisitable-- Monroe, Bruce

Mini Princess---Renegade--Hearne, Andrew

Mini Spray---Gourmet Popcorn-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini Fl Queen---Whirlaway-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini Fl King---Tabasco Cat-- Hearne, Andrew

Mini Fl Princess---First and Foremost--Borrmann, Nathan

Rose Arrangement Awards:

"Mary Loved People and Was Friendly to All"

Judith Nichol--Mini Silver Medal



ROSEVILLE, MN 6-19-2010

Queen of Show---Gemini--Munson, Paul & Janine

King of Show---Louise Estes--Hisey, Millie

Princess of Show---Brigadoon--Stillings, Jim & Sharon

Royal Court---Moonstone-- Munson, Paul & Janine

Royal Court---Elegant Beauty--Larson, Dennis & Eve

Royal Court---Kordes Perfecta--Hackbart, Lucy

Fl Queen---Lavaglut--Turek, John & Char

Fl Bloom--Frankly Scarlet--Poppe, Christine

Polyantha Spray---Wing-Ding--Lallier, Lee & Jackie

Genesis Award---Rosa Gallica Versicolor-- Bucholz, Joanne

Dowager Queen---Reine Des Violettes, Morrell, Mike & Shana

Victorian Award---Little Gem-- Bucholz, Joanne

Climber---Dublin Bay-- Stillings, Jim & Sharon

Shrub King--Country Dancer-- Stillings, Jim & Sharon

Mini Queen---Glowing Amber-- Lallier, Lee & Jackie

Mini King---Michel Cholet--Smuda, Carol

Mini Princess---BeeÂs Knees--Williams, Elena

Mini Court---Irresistible-- Williams, Elena

Mini Court---Cupcake--Marvig, Carol

Mini Court---White Chocolate-- Marvig, Rita

Mini Court---Ralph Moore-- Lallier, Lee & Jackie

Mini Spray---Millie Walters--Anderson, Margaret & Ron

Mini Fl Queen---Cachet-- Lallier, Lee & Jackie

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Rhythm in Roses)

"Wild Thing"--Millie Hisey--Artist, Gold Medal

"Moonlight Serenade"-- Millie Hisey--Silver Medal

"In the Mood-- Millie Hisey--Oriental, Bronze Medal

"Moon River"-- Millie Hisey--Royalty

"Beautiful Dreamer"-- Millie Hisey--Princess

"Blue Skies"-- Millie Hisey--Mini Oriental,

"Mini Gold Medal

"Shenandoah"-- Millie Hisey--Mini Artist, Mini Bronze Medal

"Abracadabra"--Olivia Munson--Junior

"Memories"--Rita Marvig--Royalty

"Yesterday"--Elena Williams--Judges Award



AMES, IA 6-19-2010

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Across the USA)

"Death Valley"-- Marge Godfrey--Duchess, Gold Metal

"Giant Redwoods"--Marianne Klinsky--Royalty, Silver Medal

"Gettysburg"-- Marge Godfrey--Keepsake

"Petrified Forest"-- Marge Godfrey--Royalty

"Rocky Mountain High-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Princess, Mini Gold Metal

"Everglades"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Oriental, Mini Silver Metal

"Blue Ridge Mountains"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Royalty, Mini Bronze Metal

"Lunch at Disneyworld"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Court of Etiquette

"Yellow Rose of Texas"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Keepsake

"The Alamo"-- Marge Godfrey--Mini Royalty

"Days of Summer"--Doug Helberg--Judges Award



MILWAUKEE, WI 6-19-2010

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Wonders of the World)

"Bali"--Julie Schoenike--Duchess, Gold Metal

"Golden Gate Bridge"--Bruce Barr--Silver Metal

"The Big Easy New Orleans"-- Julie Schoenike--Bronze Metal

"London Town"--Thomas Hausman--Mini Gold Medal

"Hong Kong"--Diane Sommers--Mini Silver Metal

"Leaning Tower of Pisa--Marlene Maroff--Judges Award



MADISON, WI 6-20-2010

Queen of Show---Mirandy--Shropshire, Richard

King of Show---Uncle Joe--Smalley, Daron

Princess of Show---Moonstone--Mezera, Karen

Fl Queen---Playboy--Zoromski, Don

Fl King--Glenda Marie-- Zoromski, Don

Fl Princess---Purple Heart--Brault, Yvonne

Fl Bloom--Dublin-- Shropshire, Richard (Ht ?)

Fl Bloom--Julia Child--Sylvester, Barbara

Polyantha Spray---Marie Jeanne-- Mezera, Karen

Dowager Queen--- Reine Des Violettes--Brault, Yvonne

Victorian Award---Frau Karl Druschki--Brault, Yvonne

Climber--America--Mezera, Karen

Classic Shrub---Jens Munk-- Zoromski, Don

Modern Shrub--Abraham Darby--Smalley, Daron

Mini Queen---Soroptimist International--Brault, Yvonne

Mini King--Sweet Melody--Schultz, Joan

Mini Princess---Irresistible-- Brault, Yvonne

Mini Court---Sweet Caroline--Shaft, Sherry

Mini Spray---Ruby Baby--Schultz, Joan

Mini Fl Queen---Flawless-- Brault, Yvonne

Mini Fl King---Edisto-- Brault, Yvonne

Mini Fl Princess--Show Stopper-- Brault, Yvonne

Mini Fl Court--Ingrid-- Schultz, Joan

Mini Fl Court--Dr John Dickman-- Schultz, Joan

Mini Fl Court--Double Take-- Brault, Yvonne

Mini Fl Court--Conundrum-- Williams, Elena

Mini Fl Court--Camden-- Brault, Yvonne

Mini Fl Spray--Moonlight Scentsation--Stephen, Joan

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Roses Bring us Together)

"Reflections from the Past"--Bruce Barr--Duke--Gold Medal

"As Time Goes By"--Joan Stephen--Royalty, Silver Medal

"Golden Fantasy"--Bruce Barr--Mini Oriental

, Mini Gold Medal

"Comradeship"--Sherry Shaft--Mini Artist, Mini Silver Medal

"The Way We Were"--Carmen Shultz--Mini Royalty, Bronze Medal

"Long Ago and Far Away"--Joan Shultz--Mini Duchess

"LetÂs Party"--Sherry Shaft--Mini Court of Etiquette

"Memories"--Stephen Shultz--Junior



HARTFORD, CT 6-20-2010

Queen of Show--Cajun Moon--Mattia, John

King of Show--Gemini--Mattia, John

Princess of Show--Suffolk-- Mattia, John

Royal Court--Moonstone--Martin, Marci

HT Spray--Gemini--Redway, Sue

HT English Box--Mattia, John

HT Rose in a Bowl--VeteranÂs Honor- Lau, Zachary -

HT Cycle of Bloom--Perfect Moment-- Redway, Sue

3 HT/GR-- Mattia, John

Fl Queen--Hot Cocoa--Martin, Marci

Fl Bloom--Pinnacle--Mattia, John

Polyantha Spray--Miss Edith Cavell--Peczerski, Inka

Genesis Award--Rosa Gallica Officinalis--Lau, Zachary

Dowager Queen--Celsiana--Rogers, Steve & Carol

Victorian Award--Rose De Rescht-- Lau, Zachary

OGR English Box--Long, David & Sandy

Climber--Fourth of July--Rogers, Steve & Carol

Classic Shrub--Theresa Bugnet--Johnson, Clare

Modern Shrub--Daydream--Fuss, Mike

Modern Shrub, Single--Golden Wings--Champagne, Janice

Mini Queen--Fairhope--Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Mini King--Chelsea Belle--Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Mini Princess--Chattooga--Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Mini Court--Picotee--Mascola, Rachel

Mini Spray--Gourmet Popcorn--Vanable, Andy & Susie

Mini Rose Bowl--Debut-- Rogers, Steve & Carol

Mini English Box--Fairhope-- Rogers, Steve & Carol

Mini Fl Queen--Solar Flair-- Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Mini Fl King--Foolish Pleasure-- Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Mini Fl Princess--Butter Cream-- Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Mini FL Court--Conundrum-- Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Mini FL Court--Nemesis-- Clark, Dave & Dorothy

Min Fl Court--Ambiance-- Lau, Zachary

Min Fl Spray--Leading Lady--Candler, David

Min/Mini Fl Box--Fairhope--Rogers, Steve & Carol

Novice--Orleans Rose-- Peczerski, Inka

Fragrance--Sharifa Asma--Parker, Jim & Claranne

Mystery Rose---?--Retsema, Arija

Seedling--Fourth of July x Golden Quill--Mattia, John

Founders Trophy--Gemini--Mattia, John

Rainbow Collection--Mattia, John

Bill Turull Memorial--Retsema, Arija

Donna Fuss Memorial Trophy--Daydream--Fuss, Mike (Day Dream ?)

Shoham Trophy--Best OGR--Celsiana-- Rogers, Steve & Carol

Sweepstakes-- Mattia, John



BAD AXE, MI 6-20-2010

Queen of Show---Let Freedom Ring--Kaplenski, Gail

King of Show---Louise Estes--Ignash, Ervin

Princess of Show---Standing Ovation-- Ignash, Ervin

Royal Court---Awareness-- Ignash, Ervin

Fl Queen---Playgirl--Whittaker, Marilyn

Fl Bloom--Pasadena Star-- Kaplenski, Gail

Polyantha Spray---Miss Edith Cavell--Steiner, Jacqueline

Dowager Queen--- Baronne Prevost-- Leibrandt, Maureen & C.

Victorian Award--- Zephirine Drouhin--Leibrandt, Charles & M.

Climber Bloom---America--Gainor, Evelyn

Climber Spray--America-- Steiner, Jacqueline

Classic Shrub---Robin Hood--Bradley, Jon & Jean

Modern Shrub---The Squire-- Whittaker, Marilyn

Mini Queen---Memphis King-- Ignash, Ervin

Mini King---Minnie Pearl-- Whittaker, Marilyn

Mini Princess---Chelsea Belle-- Ignash, Ervin

Mini Court---Ruby Baby-- Kaplenski, Gail

Mini Fl Queen---Butter Cream-- Kaplenski, Gail

Mini Fl King---Camden-- Ignash, Ervin

Mini Fl Princess---Class Of Â73--Ignash, Ervin

Mini Fl Court---Dr John Dickman- Ignash, Ervin

Rose Arrangement Awards (Say it With Roses)

"Love at first Sight"--Jacqueline Steinert--Gold Medal

"Absolute Anger"--Maureen Leibrandt--Silver Medal




VANCOUVER, WA 6-26-2010

Queen of Show--Solitaire--Rowe, Ken & Linda

King Of Show-- Liebeszauber--Minten, Bernie & Mary

Princess of Show--- Tineke-- Finch, Carl & Carolyn

Fl Queen---Betty Boop-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Fl King---Playboy-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Polyantha Spray---The Fairy--Little, Lou

Dowager Queen---Rosa Rugosa-- Kiley, Beage & Jack

Victorian Award--Old Red Moss--Wyckoff, Jeff & Kathy

Climber---Galway Bay--Allen, Karen & Merril

Shrub---Sally Holmes--Kiley, Beage & Jack

Mini Queen---Incognito--Sitton, John

Mini King--- X-Rated-- Kiley, Beage & Jack

Mini Princess---Luis Desamero--Cavanugh, Jim & Nancy

Mini Spray---Make Believe-- Finch, Carl & Carolyn

Mini Fl Queen--Peter Cottontail-- Kiley, Beage & Jack

ARS National Cc Portland City Of Roses--Finch, Carl & Carolyn

J. Horace Mc Farland District Trophy-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy-- Cavanugh, Jim & Nancy

Al Schamel Memorial Trophy--Solitaire-- Rowe, Ken & Linda

Robert Mac Gavin Memorial Trophy--Humphrey, Gretchen

Dr Paul & Carrie Miller Memorial Trophy--McClain, Gary & Cheryl

Fred Edmunds Jr. Memorial Trophy-- Humphrey, Gretchen

Seattle Rose Society Floribunda Trophy--Linman, Jim

Spokane Rose Society Miniature Trophy--Finch, Carl & Carolyn

Lee Allen Memorial Trophy-- Wyckoff, Jeff & Kathy

Marian Seeley Memorial Trophy--Kiley, Beage & Jack

Helene Schoen Memorial Trophy--Cavanugh, Jim & Nancy

Vic Snitzler Memorial Trophy-- Cavanugh, Jim & Nancy

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Timeless Rose)

"A Vision of Light"--Jo Martin--National Award

"Timeless Topics"-- Jo Martin--Royalty Award

"Time Travel"-- Jo Martin--Artist Award

"Summertime"--Carolyn Finch--Oriental

"Roses Along the Trail"--Carolyn Finch--Duke

"Tea Time"--Michie Moe--Mini Royalty Award

"Double Trouble"--Char Mutschler--Mini Artist Award

"The Sands of Time"--Judy Fleck-- Mini Oriental Award

"Recess Time"--Cyrus Time"--Junior



HARWITCH, MA 6-26-2010

Queen of Show---Elizabeth Park Centennial--Lau, Zack & Mary

King of Show---Hot Princess--Gammon, Julie

Princess of Show---Moonstone-- Gammon, Julie

Fl Bloom--Sentimental-- Gammon, Julie

Fl Queen---Sexy Rexy--Osborn, Oz & Audrey

Polyantha Spray--The Fairy-- Gammon, Julie

Genesis Award---Rosa rugosa alba--Davis, Greg

Dowager Queen---La Reine-- Heino, Joe

Victorian Award---Rose de Rescht--Osborn, Oz & Audrey

Climber Bloom---Polka-- Ehrenreichs

Climber Spray--Dublin Bay-- Heino, Joe

Classic Shrub---Ritausma--Ehrenreichs

Modern Shrub---What a Peach--Whiting, Ken

Austin Shrub Bloom--The Squire--Heino, Joe

Austin Shrub Spray--The Alexandra Rose--Osborn, Oz & Audrey

Mini Queen---Chattooga-- Davis, Greg

Mini King--Gem of the Rockies--Candler, Dave

Mini Princess---Baldo Villegas--Davis, Greg (MinFl?)

Mini Spray--Chattooga--Lau, Zack & Mary

Mini Fl Queen---Liberty Bell--Lau, Zack & Mary

Mini Fl King---Edisto--Davis, Greg

Mini Fl Princess---Shameless--Davis, Greg

Mini Fl Spray--Vice Versa--Davis, Greg



BAY CITY, MI 6-26-2010

Queen of Show--Moonstone--Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

King of Show---Miss Elvis-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Princess of Show---Gemini-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Royal Court---VeteranÂs Honor--Bradley, Jon & Jean

HT Fully Open--Gentle Giant--Kaplenski, Gail

HT Single--Snow Cream-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

HT Spray--Seduction-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Gr Single---Oktoberfest--Leibrand, Chuck & Mickie

HT Rose Bowl--Jema-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Gr Rose Bowl--Cherry Parfait--Bradley, Jon & Jean

Best Rose in a Bowl--Jema-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Fl Bloom--Sunsprite-- Kaplenski, Gail

Fl Queen---Day Breaker--Leibrand, Chuck & Mickie

3 Floribundas-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Polyantha Spray---Gabrielle, Privat--Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Genesis Award---Rosa Rugosa alba--Whittaker, Marily

Dowager Queen---Crested Moss--Whittaker, Marilyn

Victorian Award--Zephirine Drouhin--Leibrand, Chuck & Mickie

Climber Spray---America--Watters, Betty

Classic Shrub---John Cabot-- Kaplenski, Gail

Modern Shrub---Sally Homes-- Kaplenski, Gail

Non-Austin Shrub-- Sally Homes-- Kaplenski, Gail

David Austin Shrub--Graham Thomas-- Kaplenski, Gail

3 Shrubs-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Best Fragrant--Oklahoma-- Whittaker, Marilyn

Most Fragrant--Oklahoma--- Whittaker, Marilyn

End of Trail (Large)-- Whittaker, Marilyn

End of Trail (Small)-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Gail Kaplenski Trophy--Best End of Trail-- Whittaker, Marilyn

Judges Award, Lg.--Sally Holmes--Kressbach, Tom & Eleanor

Judges Award Mini/MinFl-- Kressbach, Tom & Eleanor

3 Mini/Miniflora Roses--Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Mini/ /Mini Fl Cycle of Bloom--Bradley, Jon & Jean

Mini/ /Mini English Box--Jean Kenneally--Matthes, Herb & Lois

Mini/ /Mini ArtistÂs-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Mini Queen---Best Friends--Kaplenski, Mark

Mini King--- Jean Kenneally-- Kaplenski, Mark

Mini Princess---Ruby Baby-- Kaplenski, Gail

Mini Court--Glowing Amber-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Mini Court---Best of Â04-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Mini Fl Queen---Foolish Pleasure-- Whittaker, Marilyn

Mini Fl King---Nemesis-- Whittaker, Marilyn

Mini Fl Princess---AbbyÂs Angel-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Mini/Mini Fl Spray--Irresistible-- Matthes, Herb & Lois

Mini/Mini Fl Open Bloom--Black Jade-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Mini/Mini Fl Single--Gizmo--Katt, John H.

Mini/Mini Fl Rose Bowl, Lg- Little Linda--- Leibrand, Chuck & Mickie

Mini/Mini Fl Rose Bowl, Sm--Popcorn--Bradley, Jon & Jean

Boutonnieres--Sweet Melody-- Bradley, Jon & Jean

Best Striped Rose--Peppermint--MasterÂs Challenge--

Pretty as a Picture--Let Freedom Ring-- Kaplenski, Gail

Hi-Low--Bolivar, Carolina Lady-- Kaplenski, Gail

Sweepstakes-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

Mini-Sweepstakes-- Anthony, J. & Vance, K.

BEST OF SHOW-- Rosa Rugosa Alba--Whittaker, Marily

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Roses Going Uptown)

"Reflections"--Marilyn Whittaker--Oriental, Gold Medal

"Roses in a Row"--Betty Watters--Royalty Award

"Tea for Two"--Mickie Leibrand--Mini Court of Etiquette, Mini Gold Medal

"Full House"--Cathie Smith--Mini Royalty



MYRTLE POINT, OR 6-26-2010

Queen of Show---Hot Princess--Seiwald, Jim

King of Show--- Hot Princess--Seiwald, Jim

Princess of Show---Cherry Parfait--Kreutzer, Ed & Mary

Fl Bloom--Tuscan Sun--Atkins, Ellyn

Fl Queen---Living Easy--Kreutzer, Ed & Mary

Polyantha Spray---Mothersday--Warner, Pam

Dowager Queen---St JohnÂs Rose-- Kreutzer, Ed & Mary (S ?)

Victorian Award---DragonÂs Eye--Warner, Pam

Climber---Sombreuil-- Atkins, Ellyn

Classic Shrub---Dagmar Hastrup--Walters, Billie

Modern Shrub---Darcey Bussell-- Warner, Pam

Mini Queen---Doris Morgan--Smith, Dennis

Mini King---Fairhope--Smith, Dennis

Mini Princess---Pauline-- Smith, Dennis

Mini Spray---Hurdy Gurdy-- Kreutzer, Ed & Mary

Mini Fl Queen---Show Stopper-- Smith, Dennis

Mini Fl King---Class of Â73-- Smith, Dennis

Mini Fl Princess---Peter Cottontail--Smith, Dennis




Rose Arrangement Awards: (NR)

"Green Garden Goddess--Carol Macon--Oriental, Gold Metal

"Emerald Waters"-- Carol Macon--Silver Medal

"Verdant Vision"-- Carol Macon--Bronze Metal

"Melting Glaciers"--Betty Roberts--Artist Award

"Global Awareness"-- Betty Roberts--Princess

"Farmers Market Morning"-- Betty Roberts--Court of Etiquette

"Solar Power"-- Carol Macon--Mini Artist, Mini Gold Metal

"Environmental Balance"-- Carol Macon--Mini Oriental, Mini Silver Medal

"Geraldine Boller Memorial"-- Carol Macon--Mini Royalty



SYRACUSE, NY 6-27-2010

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Rock-n-Roll History)

"Love Me Tender"--Patricia Pohi--Royalty

"Blue Moon"--David Rink--Oriental

"Teddy Bear"--Dorothy Storms--Mini Royalty

"All Shook Up"-- Dorothy Storms--Mini Artist Award

"Judges Class"--Joan Baden--Judge



TACOMA, WA 7-3-2010

Queen of Show---Tineke--Finch, Carl & Carolyn

King of Show---Solitaire--Fredette, Caroline & John

Princess of Show---Kardinal--Wilson, Bill

Fl Bloom--Nicole--Parke, Richard & Janis

Fl Queen---Sexy Rexy--Martin, Jo

Polyantha Spray---Wing-Ding--Peterson, Mike & Alexa

Genesis Award---Rosa rugosa rubra--Kiley, Beage & Jack

Dowager Queen---Gallica Macrantha--Wyckoff, Jeff & Kathy

Victorian Award---Old Red Moss--Wyckoff, Jeff & Kathy

Climber---Fourth of July-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Classic Shrub--Heidelberg-- Martin, Jo

Modern Shrub---Robusta-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Mini Queen---Ralph Moore-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Mini King---Luis Desamero--Pawlowski, Ed

Mini Princess---Hot Tamale-- Parke, Richard & Janis

Mini Spray---Scott--Linn, Bruce & Barbara

Rose Arrangement Awards: (A Dress Rehearsal for

a Centennial Celebration)

"The Trophies are Polished"-- Jo Martin--Duchess, Gold Medal

"Show Day Dawns"--Jo Martin--Royalty, Silver Medal

"Here Comes the Judge"--Jo Martin--Artist, Bronze Medal

"Room Full of Color"--Megan Fredette--Oriental

"Time for Lunch"--Barbara Lind--Court of Etiquette

"Winners Revealed"--Lou Little--Duke

"Closing and Cleanup"--Carolyn Finch--Mini Oriental, Mini Gold Medal

"The Education Table"--Jo Martin--Mini Royalty, Mini Silver Medal

"Photo Ops"--Megan Fredette--Mini Artist, Mini Bronze Medal



DULUTH, MN 7-10-2010

Queen of Show---Touch of Class--Cooke, Lone

King of Show---Pink Promise-- Cooke, Lone

Princess of Show---Strike it Rich-- Cooke, Lone

Fl Bloom--Mardi Gras--Keiser, Deb

Fl Queen---Julia Child-- Cooke, Lone

Polyantha Spray---Lovely Fairy-- Cooke, Lone

Dowager Queen---Celsiana--Sundberg, Gerald

Victorian Award---Rosa rugosa--Sundberg, Gerald (Sp?)

Climber---Penny Lane-- Sundberg, Gerald

Shrub Queen--Sally Homes-- Cooke, Lone (Modern Shrub)

Shrub King--Golden Wings-- Munson, Paul (Modern Shrub)

Shrub Princess--George Vancouver, Keiser, Deb (Modern Shrub)

Mini Queen---Whirlaway--Jesswein, Wayne (Mini Fl ?)

Mini King---Irresistible--Munson, Paul

Mini Princess---Minnie Pearl-- Cooke, Lone

Mini Spray---Scarlet Cupido-- Cooke, Lone

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Superior Roses)

"Out of This World"--Lois Ann Helgerson--Artist Award

"Moonlit Waters"--Rose Diestler--Mini Royalty Award

"Pearls of the Orient"-- Lois Ann Helgerson--Mini Oriental Award

"Comning Up Roses"--Carol Borich--Novice



MISSOULA, MT 7-10-2010

Queen of Show---Black Magic--Waylett, Ray

King of Show---Moonstone--Hoffman, Ray

Princess of Show---Neptune-- Hoffman, Ray

Royal Court---Sheer Elegance-- Hoffman, Ray

Royal Court---Liebeszauber--Hoar, John

Royal Court---Spellbound-- Hoar, John

Fl Queen---Nicole--Hoar, John

Dowager Queen---Celestial--Hoar, John

Mini Queen---Irresistible--Waylett, Patricia

Mini King---Magic Show--Rendle, Harry

Mini Princess--Soroptimist International--Hoffman, Ray

Mini Court---Baby Boomer--Hoar, Judith

Mini Court---Louis Desamero-- Hoffman, Ray

Mini Court---Minnie Pearl--Elliott, Glenda

Mini Fl Spray--AbbyÂs Angel-- Hoffman, Ray



OLYMPIA, WA 7-10-2010

Queen of Show---Fame--Finch, Carl & Carolyn

King of Show---Tineke-- Finch, Carl & Carolyn

Princess of Show---Leann Rimes--Fredette, Brian

Fl Queen---Playgirl--Parke, Richard & Janis

Fl King---City Of London-- Ritchie, Gary

Fl Bloom--Champagne Cocktail--Parke, Richard & Janis

Genesis Award---Rosa Gallica Versicolor, Moe Mitchie

Dowager Queen---Mme De La Roche Lambert--Wyckoff, Jeff

Victorian Award---Complicata--Lind, Bruce & Barbara

Climber---Sombreuil--Backman, Ron

Climber Single--Showtime--Lind, Bruce & Barbara

Classic Shrub--Heidelberg-- Martin, Jo-

Modern Shrub---Long Tall Sally--Baer, Charold & Rich

Mini Queen---Fairhope--Sitton, John

Mini King---Dancing Flame-- Sitton, John

Mini Princess---Caliente-- Sitton, John

Mini Spray---Hot Tamale--Kaija, Jerry

Mini Spray Single-- Parke, Richard & Janis



WEST ALLIS, WI 8-8-2001

Queen of Show---Cajun Moon--Schroeder, John & Judy

King of Show---Mavrik--Plasz, Andy

Princess of Show---MarlonÂs Day--Johannes, Marlin

Fl Queen--- Flirtatious--Heebsh, M/M Larry

Fl Bloom--Chihuly--- Johannes, Marlin

Polyantha Spray---Mothers Day---Sommers, Diane

Classic Shrub---Linda Campbell-- Schroeder, John & Judy

Climber--Morning Magic-- Schroeder, John & Judy

Modern Shrub---Heart Ân Soul--Fleming, Linda

Dowager Queen---Comte de Chambord--Karch, Alan

Victorian Award--Deuil de Paul Fontaine--Plasz, Andy

Mini Queen---Joy-- Schroeder, John & Judy

Mini King---Fairhope--Plasz, Andy

Mini Princess---Sis--Karch, Alan

Mini Spray---Joy--Rutkowski, Chuck & Ruth

Mini Fl Queen---Lady EÂowyn--Schroeder, John & Judy

Mini Fl King---Memphis King--Schroeder, John & Judy

Mini Fl Princess---Caledonia-- Fleming, Linda

Mini Fl Spray-- Memphis King-- Sommers, Diane



DEMOINES, IA 8-14-2010

Queen of Show---Let Freedom Ring--Pagliai, Ed & Dee

King of Show---Touch of Class--Morlok, Ron & Jane

Princess of Show---First Red--Osborn, Gary & Linda

Fl Queen---Anna Livia--Godfrey, Clif & Marge

Shrub---Sally Holmes-- Morlok, Ron & Jane

Climber--ThatÂs Jazz-- Osborn, Gary & Linda

OGR--Rose de Rescht--Mack, Andy

Mini Queen---Conundrum-- Godfrey, Clif & Marge (M/F ?)

Mini King---Breath of Spring-- Osborn, Gary & Linda

Mini Princess---Lady EÂowyn-- Osborn, Gary & Linda (M/F?)

Mini Spray---Sweet Caroline-- Godfrey, Clif & Marge



LOVELAND, CO 8-14-2010

Queen of Show---JoAnn Edwards--Roman, Carol

King of Show---Uncle Joe-- Roman, Carol

Princess of Show---Folklore-- Roman, Carol

Royal Court---Chicago Peace--Griep, Stan

Royal Court---VeteranÂs Honor-- Griep, Stan

Fl Bloom--Sentimental-- Roman, Carol

Fl Queen---Living Easy--Green, Shirley

Dowager Queen---Baronne Prevost--Baird, Polly Ann

Shrub---Abraham Darby-- Roman, Carol

Mini Queen---X-Rated-- Roman, Carol

Mini King---Popcorn--Rodemeyer, Mary (Decorative Form?)

Mini Princess---Tennessee--Meredith, Deb

Mini Court---BeeÂs Knees-- Rodemeyer, Mary

Mini Spray---DenverÂs Dream-- Rodemeyer, Mary

Mini Fl Queen---Leading Lady-- Roman, Carol

Mini Fl King---Ricky Hendrick--Roman, Carol



MILWAUKEE, WI 8-21-2010

The Ralph Moore National Miniature Trophy--Williams, Elena

The J. Benjamin Williams National Miniflora Trophy--Brault, Yvonne

Mini Queen---Renegade--Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Mini King---Joy--Schroeder J. & J.

Mini Princess---Nancy Jean-- Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Mini Court---Eternal Flame-- Anthony, R. & Vance, K

Mini Court---Dancing Flame--Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Mini Court---Anne Herring--Hering, Jim

Mini Court---Luis Desamero-- Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Mini Court---Fairhope--Steve Singer

Mini Court---Pierrine--Schumaker, Harlan

Mini Court---Magic Show-- Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Mini Single 4-8 Petals--SingleÂs Better--Marshall, Barbara

Mini Open Bloom--This is the Day--Sommers, Dianne

Mini Spray---Joy--Schroeder J. & J.

Mini Rose in a Bowl--Soroptimist International--Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Mini Open Decorative in A Bowl--Willing--Yvonne, Brault

Mini Stages of Bloom--Chelsea Belle-- Plasz, Andrew

Mini English Box--Nancy Jean--Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Mini Artist Palette--Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Mini Rose in a Frame--Breath of Spring--Smith, Elton

Ralph Moore Mini HybridizerÂs Challenge--Joy--Schroeder J. & J.

Mini Fl Queen--Baldo Villegas--Klinfelter, Paul

Mini Fl King--Shawn Sease--Fleming, Lynda

Mini Fl Princess---AbbeyÂs Angel-- Klinfelter, Paul

Mini Fl Court--Aliena--Plasz, Andrew

Mini Fl Court--Flawless--Yvonne, Brault

Mini Fl Court--Whirlaway-- Klinfelter, Paul

Mini Fl Court--Dr John Dickman-- Klinfelter, Paul

Mini Fl Court--Lady EÂOwyn--Myers, Don

Mini Fl Court--Foolish Pleasure--Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Mini Fl Court--Jerry Lynn---Fleming, Lynda

Mini Fl Open Bloom--Conundrum--Fleming, Lynda

Mini Fl Spray--Foolish Pleasure-- Schroeder J. & J.

Mini Fl Rose in a Bowl--My Inspiration--Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Mini Fl Open Decorative in A Bowl--Flawless--Marshall, B. (Exhibition?)

Mini Fl Stages of Bloom--FitzhughÂs Diamond--Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Mini Fl English Box--Lo and Behold--Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Mini Fl HybridizerÂs Challenge--Whirlaway--Schumaker, Harlan

Mini/Mini Fl American Box--Lundberg, Sandy

Mini/Mini Fl Basket--Ty--Anthony, R. & Vance, K.

Any Other Min/Mini Fl--Earthquake--Kozemchak, Bill

Hall of Fame Winners--Schumaker, Harlan

F. Harmon Saville Memorial Challenge Bowl-- Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Top Gun Award--Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

The Ralph Moore HybridizerÂs Miniature--Joy--Schroeder J. & J.

The Wright Challenge--Lo and Behold--Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Frank Benardella Hi-Lo Challenge--Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Rose Bouquet Challenge--Carins, T. & Desamero, L.

Seedling--Azure Sea x Y2K--Clark, Bill

Rose Photography: (Armature)

Mini/Mini Fl Exhibition--Whirlaway--Lundberg, Sandy

Mini/Mini Fl Decorative---Tyrelle--Barr, Bruce

Mini/Mini Fl Spray--Kristin--Smith, Glenn & Donna

Artistic Interpretation, Armature--Double Take--Sylvester, B.

Rose Photography: (Professional)

Mini/Mini Fl Decorative--StarÂs ÂNÂ Stripes--Kozemchak, Bill

Artistic Interpretation--Dr John Dickman--Williams, Elena

Mini/Mini Fl Exhibition--Double Take--Kozemchak, Bill

Rose Arrangement Awards: (Were Wright with Roses)

Moving Through It"-- Nancy Redington--Mini Gold Medal--(BEST OF SHOW)

"The Curve"-- Nancy-Redington--Mini Royalty, Bronze Award

"The 1923 Earthquake"--Elena Williams--Oriental, Mini Silver Medal

"Hillside Drafting Studio Elena Williams, -- Mini Princess

"Ornamental Frieze"-- Williams, Elena-- Mini Duchess

"The Great Hall"-- Hisey, Millie--Mini-Court of Etiquette Certificate

"Olin Terrace"-- Anthony, R. & Vance, K.--Mini-Keepsake Award

"Unitarian Meeting House"-- Nancy Redington--Mini-Rosecraft Award

"The Reflecting Pool"--Brault, Yvonne--Best of Subclass 40 E

"The Prairie School"-- Williams, Elena--Best of Class 41

"Louis Sullivan--Yvonne Brault-- Best of Class 42

"A Quick Rendering"--Jolene Adams--Best of Class 43

"The Oblique"--Breath of Spring--Smith, Elton-Best of Class 44

"Designing It"--Sunglow--Myers, Don Best of Class 47

"Building It"--Erin Alonso-- Williams, Elena--Best of Class 48

"The Entrance Hall"--Ingrid--Sommers, Diane--Best of Class 51

"The Blue Dome"--Shaft, Sherry--Best of Class--56

"The Guest House"--Ice Raspberry, Kristin-- Hisey, Millie--Best of Class 58

"Light Spires"--Sweet Fairy--Gindt-Mavig, Rita--Best of Class 60

"Johnson Wax, the Great Workroom"--Hill, Kreg--Best of Class 64