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whew! finished! (except for the landscaping, furniture, etc.)

19 years ago

Y'all asked for it--here it is--the link to my new on line album. Here is ONE picture to whet your appetites...

I never thought we'd finish...thanks for all the support. Bought a "New Dawn" climber to plant at the top of the wall--will be buying some more "old roses" later in the week--or perhaps ordering from Ashdown.

The bed you catch a glimpse of in the picture is filled with cosmos and white cleome--it's in full sun from 8:30 AM until about 2:00 PM. I plan to plant perennials this fall...will certainly be asking for opinions!

Sorry Tessa--DH put his foot down about me getting up on the roof. Probably wouldn't have been high enough anyway...

I'd suggest clicking the option that lets you "view oldest first"--the captions make more sense.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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