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Pepper plants are going one-by-one, in a row!

9 years ago

Hello all!
I have been growing some Caribbean Red chiles in a raised garden bed. I am not 100% sure of the soil mixture besides it is topsoil mixed with steer manure and possibly some compost. We did not grow these plants from seed, we bought them from a garden center. They were about a foot high.
We started to have problems with the plants looking yellow, all of the pods would fall off and the plant would eventually die. We had a total of 6 plants, and they are dying one by one, in a row.
I am curious because if we were watering them too much, wouldn't they all die at once?
About three weeks ago, we used a fish fertilizer that reads 5-1-1. It does not seem to help because we only have 2 chile plants left :(
One of the two plants, wilts during the day. I know it only wilts during the day because I look in the early morning, and it looks fine. By the evening, it looks sad!
I should also add that we live in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been raining lately with lots of humidity.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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