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I am so confused!

17 years ago

Hello All,

Ok I have a few questions... This may sound stupid to some but sorry not a rocket scientist here.. Just little old me.. :-)

Ok went on the web looking for heat mats.. Some say seedling heat mats which for size 48x20 is $63.13 dollars... Then the person who posted about the cables send a URL and I went there and theres is called a Fast grow mat.. 22x44 is $56.00 dollars... Stupid I know but are these the same thing??? Is a seedling heat mat the same as a fast grow mat????

Ok how about bulbs??? What is the diffrence about regular bulbs and others??? I have seen spot grow lights, Heat bulbs, Halogen reflector bulbs, and Fluorescent Lamps,also can you use one of these types of bulbs in a regular lamp/clip on type???

Also the plant I told you more then a month ago that my dog chewed well after reading alot of the posts I took the one out of the ground to check it and it had root rot... So I recut until nice white stuff came out and stuck it in water..LOL Wanted to try that anyway.... Funny thing is that there was a tiny tiny tip left maybe 3inches at most and I said what the heck go and plant it... now that is rooting... Who knows????lololol

I am sorry this is so long and maybe stupid but I still would like some answers if anyone can help me...

Thank you all,


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