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Read any good books lately?

19 years ago

Garden history books are among my favorites and there seem to be a bunch of new ones lately. I've recently bought Gardens and Plants of the Antebellum South by James Cothran. It's really good for that time period, even if you don't live in the South, as I don't.

There is also a reprint of an American classic, Old Time Gardens by Alice Morse Earle, that's full of fascinating garden and plant tidbits.

And while not a garden book, Colonial Revival Houses by Richard Guy Wilson, is a must-read--or at least look at the pictures!--for the Colonial Revival, maybe the most important design style in America in both houses and gardens. Wilson did that really good TV series on A&E, I think, about "America's Castles"--historic houses across America.

So does anybody else have something to add? We could make a booklist here--either what you've read or just something that souds interesting. I'm always looking for suggestions, especially regional books I might not know about otherwise. There's a great book about historic Minnesota gardens that makes me want to go to Minnesota--in the summer!

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