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More August blooms and late inflos

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

Here are a few blooms that took place in my garden this month.

This is a NOID that Derrick gave me back last November when I visited him. The cutting was a huge antler I brought back from Hawaii. It's one of my best bloomers as this is the 3rd inflo since I got it as a cutting.


The petal on its last bloom was strangely curled back


Here's another rainbow NOID that Derrick named after his mother, Kathrine Louise. I find it rather compact with generous flower production. I thought the 2 cuttings I bought from him were goners this spring but they perked back up and rooted! As if they rewarded me with flowers for my patience, both cuttings sent up inflos. This inflo emerged from a tip that's less than 1" long.



After seeing everyone on here getting a Fantasia, I saw Brad finally had some rooted ones so I joined the club. Here is what it looked like right out of the box:


Last Fantasia flower


Last Hurricane flower in the cooler weather


Duke is one of my favorite purchases this year. Large bloom, great fragrance and color also varies with heat!


Taj Mahal is winding down...there are only a handful of buds left.


Some adeniums:


I was stoked to see this one bloomed on such a small plant:




Yesterday, My JJ's Cote d'Or had its first bloom opened. I got the plant from Jungle Jack's when I visited back in March. John picked out Taj Mahal and Cote d'Or. He said Taj Mahal would bloom this season and boy was he right. But his prediction for Cote d'Or blooming next season was off. My 3-tip Cote d'Or has 2 inflos!



Just as most of the summer blooms are about to finish. The Hilo Beauty I bought as a cutting from MPG in April 2012 is sending up an inflo! Maybe this one will flourish (unlike the one from June)


Thai Tornado I recently acquired from a Texas grower, this inflo is standing just right at 4 ft tall


I hope I'll get to finally see a Makaha Sunn blooming...I got this as a cutting from Matt back in June, it rooted quickly and now sending up an inflo!


Another late addition to my collection, this is a Penang Peach that John sent me the first week of August. Jungle Jack was having an open house in July. One of their specials was 5-gal PP for $30. I approached John and asked if he would let me have one for that price, he agreed and set one aside for me. Now I think I might get to see a PP blooming this year. Is it too soon to assume that this is an inflo?


Hopefully I'll have some more bloom pictures to share through September and October this year!


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