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Easy Propagation Chamber 2

15 years ago

We can only post 150 follow-ups on a thread. I didn't know that, and I have been so busy I didn't have time to check on what was going on. I got a reminder this morning with an email about rooting Japanese Maples.

These followups are the last two on the old thread and are from the same person who emailed me this morning.

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Posted by hassified 7 (My Page) on Fri, May 15, 09 at 22:49

Hey everyone,

Just want to let everyone know that I'm new to this forum and growing plants. I came across this posting while doing a google search, trying to find info on rooting cuttings from a red/pink(?) dogwood tree. Its a beautiful tree that's about 40yrs old, and would like to clone several so to plant along a fence line. I have some questions that I could not find within this thread of posts.

Will the propagation chamber work for dogwood?

Which is better sand or the peat moss?

Right now its about mid spring. Should I do this indoors?

If rooting does happen, can I transplant this year or wait till next spring.

And finally, will the new little trees grow to flower pink or will they be white?(I ask this because I read that dogwoods have to be made pink by buding or grafting.)

Thanks in advance.


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Posted by hassified 7 (My Page) on Fri, May 15, 09 at 23:02

Hello again,

I posted the question above about dogwood trees.

I wanted apply the same questions to japanese maple trees.

with one more question to include.

After cutting, how long do I have before the cuttings go bad?

I have a friend that has the japanese maple and he says I can have some cuttings. he lives a couple hours away from me.

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Since we don't grow Japanese maples here on the Texas Coast- it is far too hot and humid!!!- I am not sure how to advise.

Dogwoods don't grow here either, but I would venture this advice; If you are growing from seed, your seedlings will most likely bear white flowers eventually. But if you root a cutting of a pink dogwood, your flowers would be pink. That is because you are really cloning the parent plant when you root a cutting. Also, if you get a cutting rooted, it should be ready to bloom immediately, provided the parent plant was a mature blooming plant.

I found a thread about Japanese Maples here. You can look for it, or copy and paste.

Best of luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: The origional Easy Propagation Chamber

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