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Newbie - Too late for moving to another, larger pot?

12 years ago


First time growing peppers, first time posting here.

I bought a small box in a store about 3 months ago with cayenne, jalapeno, sweet and bell pepper seeds for 2 euro. Didn't expect much to come of it but here I am now with 16 plants taking over the windowsills of my house!

My problem is one I've been ignoring for a while. What I assume to be (forgot to label the plants early on... wont be making that mistake next year) the cayenne and jalapeno plants are growing fine and tall (about 16 inches i estimate from soil to tip) in 7 inch pots and have both flowers and fruit but I have four plants which are not growing as well.

I'm guessing these are the bell and sweet peppers as from what I read these plants should grow a lot taller and require larger pots. They have only grown to about 8 - 10 inches and are amassing lots of leaves and the start of what look like much larger flowers at their top. They also require a lot more water and the leaves begin to look extremely wilted if they arent misted and watered at least twice a day. At the moment they are in pots varying from 7 to 9 inches.

My question is this.

Is it now too late to re pot these plants into larger pots? My main reason for doing so would be to enable them to grow taller but I feel like there's no point now as they are so clustered on top that they would just grow out more and not up.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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