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This is a returning member who has had numerous other names here at GW. I suggest that before trading with her, that you read through all of the reviews at the links below.

jpalmer1234-very mixed reviews

lljjz-very mixed reviews

Comments (4)

  • gottagarden
    12 years ago

    It would helpful if you told us the city and state, because these thieves change their gw handle so frequently we can't recognize from the name. But if I see a city/state combination, then I'd be aware of the scam.


  • poisondartfrog
    12 years ago

    gottagarden, that information and much more resides in the threads Sue provided links for, along with a plethora of other alias's.

  • stlgirl
    12 years ago

    I ended up canceling on her seeds for postage offer since a couple of the seeds I was looking for became available elsewhere. Though when she asked for 4 stamps to send me 4 packs of seeds my intuition told me something wasn't right.
    Turns out she resides in Turner, OR.

    ~Amy (StLGirl)

  • cody_mi
    12 years ago

    the email she contacted me with is