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How long should I keep rooting pepper plant in water?

12 years ago

I have been rooting a "yummy bell pepper" plant in water since i had to pull it out of the pot about a week ago - there were two seedlings in the 4inch pot, and i was told that i couldn't grow both together in a 3 gallon container.

there were a few short (1/3 inch) roots - so i've put it in a cup of water and wow - i've been amazed at the root growth! There are about 20 little root shoots on one side (opposite side of original roots) and about a dozen on the other side - most over 1/2 inch long. They seem to have doubled since yesterday!

My plan was to plant them in a small pot, keep in my kitchen window until firmly established, and then plant outside in a large container.

So. . how long do i need to leave it in the water? Can i leave it too long and it all rots? Should i go ahead and stick it in dirt?

And when i plant it in small pot - do i need to use a certain kind of mix? my regular potting soil has fertilizer - too strong? I have some other stuff without fertilizer as well as some sand - should i mix some sand in, etc?


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