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New varieties, new favorites!

9 years ago

So back in the winter I was looking for varieties to try this year that would be hot, but not too hot to round out my pepper harvest. Based on the various comments from all you helpful folks I chose Beaver Dam, Aji Omnicolor, and Jimmy Nardello (not hot at all). The beaver dam and JN are both pickable now, so I've tried them both. I like the beaver dam, and I'm looking forward to making a giant popper out of one tonight (ok, it just becomes a stuffed pepper then, but still)! I have to wait a tad longer to do a taste comparison with jalapenos, but I will almost certainly grow these again.

But the JN? Holy cow! I don't know what it is about them, but my husband and I can't get enough of them! Why did I plant only 2?! So far we just fry them in olive oil and sprinkle with salt, then eat them out of the pan, burning our fingers and tongues because we don't wait for them to cool. Does anyone have any preferred reecipes for these, in case I manage to keep some on hand long enough to make something with them? This pepper is definitely going to stay in my garden!

The omnicolors are just setting fruit now and I look forward to trying them soon. I also decided to give the Fish peppers one last try, and they were miserable failures yet again. It's ok, I'm happy with these others. So thanks for the input, we're happy with our new pepper discoveries!

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