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Seeking advice re: nursery and retail outlet business.

10 years ago

I've been coming to the various GardenWeb forums for many years to find answers to all kinds of questions. I really do respect and appreciate the information that is shared here.

That being said, I am back searching for more guidance!

The quick story is that we used to live in an area that had a really great place to buy a wide variety of seasonal plants and flowers. They grew some of their plants and had vendors supply the rest (not sure the ratio or breakdown of each). Anyway, this place started and then really just took off. They seem very successful.

We have since moved away from that area and have not found a similar 'outlet' in our new town. I am a small business owner and am looking to find other businesses to 'cultivate' so to speak. I'm really interested in researching the possibility of a similar setup to that one.

I am not particularly knowledgeable or educated in horticulture, but I have a good business sense and don't mind getting my hands dirty.

My initial thoughts are to look into starting a small nursery to grow plants and flowers commonly used in this area and then open a 'wholesale-to-the-public' type of outlet.

All I have right now is an idea (I have a much more detailed framework in my head than I can share here) and I need to find somewhere to 'do some learnin'. I need to find out about licensing, growing calendars, suppliers, pricing, evaluating costs, etc, etc.

So, the reason I am here is to ask is there any particular place (forum, website, message board, book, etc) that you can recommend that I should start my research?

Or any other advice you can offer?

Thanks for the feedback. This is just something I'm starting to think about and I know that I have much to learn and understand.

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