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how to tell hot pepper seedlings from bell pepper seedlings? Help

10 years ago

Please help! Weeks ago I started a small plastic bin with both bell pepper and hot pepper seedlings on my windowsill to germinate for transplant into the garden. Along the back side were 16 bell pepper seeds and in the front 16 hot peppers. Several weeks ago just when some were starting to pop out of the ground, however, my cat knocked the entire kit and caboodle to the floor in a big, muddy mess. I scooped the soil/seed disaster up and put it into a bigger container outside and just watered in the hopes that something would come up. Somethings did but the question is...what?

I've got one seedling, now with 8 leaves, that is light green in colour with visible veins and I know it to be a pepper of some sort as it was the sole surving "just above the surface" one that I carefully replanted-- it looks to me vaguely like the bell peppers my grandmother grew when I was a kid. Much later, though they've now caught up in size, about 6 seedlings appeared with similarly shaped leaves but the leaves are more a darker 'foresty' green and the veins not so apparent. These later ones though, I'm not even sure are peppers --they could be weeds...? Yikes, is there any way to tell? Do Hot Peppers seedlings look different from Bell Pepper seedlings?

I'm a total novice at growing peppers of any sort.

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