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Summer pics!

11 years ago

Finally got around to uploading (downloading?) photos off my awesome camera.

N-C, here are some belated photos of my plumies in the landscape, scattered wherever they'll get the best sunlight.

Please ignore the ugly cedar fence. Ugly cedar fences are a Texas specialty:

A mix of big and small seedlings, and cuttings between one and three years old:

Wherever they'll squeeze in around the playscape (the black plastic on the right is where I'm solarizing grass before I put in a new plumie bed):

Or on the deck, with babies in the foreground. The metal grill is to keep out both birds and (damn) squirrels:

Behind the playscape, too:

And behind the veggie beds:

Plunged in the bed that gets the worst north winds:

And this is what happens when you don't keep your plumies behind ugly cedar fencing:

My only growing inflo:

Not-inflo on a mystery cutting:

And finally, a bloom, the delightful Gladys O'Neal:

(Thanks, B!)

And Lemon Drop is finally winding down for the summer:

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