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Happy New Year! End of year pics

12 years ago

Took some pics today as we finally rose above the freezing mark yesterday for the 5th day of the month. Snows a melting, however it will turn colder soon enough, at least it should be seasonal.

This was my aucuba the other day at 20F. Has looked this way for weeks. It perked up as soon as it got above freezing but apparently I forgot to take the picture. It's pretty much flawless, you'll have to trust me on that.

Osmanthus Goshikii in the heavy frost. Also forgot to take a pic today. Also no damage noted so far.

Edith Bogue today, a little damage but looking pretty good. I hit some of my BLE's with the near end of my frost-Pruf, and an unexpected light shower popped up out of nowhere.

Basjoo protection-bags of shredded leaves

Xeric bed

Oleander unexoectedly not completely brown

Backyard, protecting Sabal palmetto, needle, 2 minors and a chinese fan.

2nd winter in the ground

Bay leaf that came back from the ground this year.

I believe this is gloriosa in my best microclimate, right near the vent that spews warm air. Snow never stays here.

View from my front porch and my chair. You can see where I cut the outline of the new bed on the left.

Charlie peeking through the viburnum

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