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Veggie and Flower Varieties on your keeper list for next year

12 years ago

Yesterday marked the 30 day mark until the average first frost date for my area. That started me thinking about what I would plant again next year. Some definite keepers:

4th of July Tomato (burpee) - picked the first tomato at the end of June! They are smallish but dark red and juicy. And, still producing abundantly. I discovered that in the morning after walking the dogs, hubby was stopping in the garden to eat some fresh from the vine.

Big Daddy Pepper (burpee) - what a producer! I've been picking some green and am finally getting some yellow ones. They're long and not as fat as a bell pepper.

Biker Billy Jalapeno (burpee) - Also very productive and a nice plump size. I picked my first red one yesterday.

Hansel and Gretel Asian Eggplant (Johnny's) - Poor things are riddled by flea betters but producing like champs. Hansel is black and gretel is white. Makes a great caponata.

Elephant head Amaranth (Seeds of Change) - I only have about 5 of them but they are huge (a little over 5'). The flower heads are a beautiful burgundy red. Only drawback is that some pest really likes the leaves and they're a bit full of holes.

What's going back in your potager? I'm especially interested in a different variety of cucumber (a non-bitter type that cuke beetles won't destroy), a tasty variety of broccoli and a summer squash that isn't hit as hard by svb.

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