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New here...showing off my small pepper collection so far

11 years ago

Hey guys, just signed up today. Happy to be here to learn how to really grow my peppers the right way. Anyways, I just started growing peppers about 6 weeks ago from seed. Right now I have 12 scotch bonnet plants growing. 7 of them are inside my house under (4) 200 watt cfl bulbs right now along with a very small fan blowing on them to help improve their ridigidy and these 5 are what I just moved outside on my patio today. These seem to be my best growing plants at this time.

Also, have a question..I noticed my leaves are starting to curl just a little bit on a few and all the leaves are "pruny/wilting". I provided pictures. What can I do to fix this issue with the leaves? I'm thinking calcium deficiency. But if you can provide some answers how I can improve this I would appreciate it greatly.

On to the pics of my best 5 pepper plants... For 6 weeks they seem to be growing pretty good.

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