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Disease of Maximillian Sunflower

17 years ago

Hello experts! I had the same problem last year and chalked it up to shedding of old leaves, but now that I had to take a required class 'Plant Problem Diagnosis' spring quarter, my tune has changed!

Looks to me like a possible Verticillium Wilt AND a bacterial disease at the same time. Symptoms are working there way up the plant...eventually all the leaves completely dry up, yet odd that the stems do not wilt as they should with Verticillium or Fusarium Wilt and I cannot find any discoloration in the cross-section of stems. May just be a bacterial disease showing 2 types of symptoms? Pretty dilegent about removing diseased leaves and so it never completely reaches the top half. IF it really were a Wilt, picking off infected leaves could not possibly stop vascular system from being blocked and wilting the stems.

What bacterial disease usually affect Max? Here are some pics.







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