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Has anyone here ever heard of the 'Egg rooting method'?

Andrew Scott
13 years ago

I wanted to ask if anyone has ever heard of this here. I heard about this on the Aloha plumeria group, and I used it will all my cuttings. As of now, I have 2 pudicas, 1 celadine, and 3 Intense rainbows. Both my celadine and one of the Intense rainbows rooted within a few weeks and I am anxiously waiting for the others to root.

I was told to put an inch or two of soil into a pot and then gently add a whole raw egg and then add soil and plant cutting. I also added a layer of dried maple leaves as a mulch. I swear buy this method. I tried rooting these cuttings in baggies with bottom heat and I got tired of not having results about 6 weeks into the rooting process. All I know is that I have never been able to root a plumeria cutting not to mention, I have never been able to have any inflos.


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