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a new wildflower list

19 years ago

Why should bird watchers have all the fun? They have life lists and rare bird alerts and make special trips for bird watching ... I think it's time us wildflower lovers had the same thing going on. With this is in mind, I've started a national wildflower list for wildflower lovers to share what's going on where they are, with the rest of the country.

Over the past five years my wife and I have been gypsy innkeepers, travelin' around the country innkeeping. As a consequence we've gotten to learn so very, very much about wildflowers ... stuff we had no idea was going on.

We've gone from spring woodland wildflowers in Ohio to the Wild Lupine and endangered Karner Blue butterflies of northern Indiana, to the awesome spectacle of the progression of spring blooms along the Blue Ridge Parkway in N.C., to Kansas prairies in July and Donner Summit in CA in late summer, to summer wildflowers along the Gulf coast, to the bottom half of CA throughout the year, to spring blossoms in the foothills around Boulder, CO, to the magnificent wildflowers on Mt Rainier and near Mt St Helens and Mt Hood and Mary's Peak in the coastal range of OR to the rare Kincaid's Lupine and its own endangered butterfly in the wet prairies near Eugene, OR to most recently the encelia species and coulter's and AZ lupine along the highway from Palm Springs, CA in AZ...

My own passion for wildflowers ... for all of nature in fact ... has manifested itself over the past 12 years in my writing. I have been a nature columnist for papers in Ohio and Indiana, and briefly for the Sierra Sun, in Kern Co., CA. I currently write a weekly wildflower column, and monthly astronomy column, as well as Travels through Life, which is often about some natural topic for,

Wildflower lovers have been blessed with a glut of glorious bounty, and I would like to see us sharing it, learning, planning trips around peak blooms...stealing some of the passion and the thunder from bird watchers. We need our own Big Year!!!

So I have started a wildflower list for the country; if your'e interested, of at least wanna have a look at it, lemme know...

If you would share this link with other, and consider joining yourself, I would be very appreciative. I think we can create a wonderful, useful, and friendly national wildflower community...


Gregg M. Pasterick

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