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Some November pics of my yard (and comparison pics!)

11 years ago

First some comparison pics.

My Musa Saba in December 2010 indoors

My Musa Saba about 2 weeks ago. (spiral ginger was also in bloom)

My Pindo palm on June 25, 2011

My Pindo palm around early Fall, about 3 months later...

My Spindle palm on June 25, 2011....

My Spindle palm on October 25, 2011...

Maybe I'll post some more comparison pics later! I really like looking at all the progress my tropicals made. You never really notice until you look at the pics!

And now some pics from last night....

My Butterfly ginger is about to bloom! Im surprised it managed to bloom this late in the year, and the fragrance is really nice!

Some more flowers coming from the butterfly ginger. If I lived someplace warmer, these blooms would probably open near christmas time, but unfortunately, a frost will definitely knock this flower head out before it gets the chance to flower.

Thanksgiving Cactus getting ready to bloom for Thanksgiving! They should be in Full bloom just after Thanksgiving, probably early December (they will be inside the house at that point).

Some minor Frost damage to my Mandevilla, but some of the blooms still are doing well!

My Trachy and Livistona getting ready for winter. This will be the Trachy's 3rd winter and the Livistona's 2nd

Camellia getting ready for spring!

There are still some bugs outside. This is a Crane fly, but it gets mistaken for a Mosquito by a lot of people.

Thanks for looking! I Hope everyone's palms and other tropical plants are ready for winter. Most of my tropical palms are inside now, I still have my Majesty palms outside and potted Livistonas, maybe I will bring those inside this weekend. All my other palms are inside of the winter and waiting until April to go back ouside!


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