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2011/2012 Official Dixondale Leek Thread

12 years ago

This is the thread to place a group order for Dixondale Leeks. The leek order will be done at the same time as the onion order; however, I have placed the leek order on a separate thread because pricing is so complicated. Laugh with me while I say if it becomes too complicated, I plan to just pull the plug on the leeks and continue with the onion order only.

Leek pricing works differently than onion pricing. With onions, once we hit the 30 bunch mark, the price is consistently the same for all remaining bunches. Not so with leeks. Rather, once we hit the 10 bunch mark, @ $5.50 a bunch, the 11th bunch is then priced at $12.50, until we get 12, at which point the 11th through 19th bunch are $11.25 each. At 20 bunches, all 20 bunches are $5.50. Start over @ $12.50 a bunch for the 21st bunch, or $11.25 a bunch for 21-29. At 30 bunches, we get all 30 for $2.85, and all additional bunches are $5.50. See why I'm preparing to pull the plug? So here's how it's going to work.

1.No half bunches. This is already too complicated.

2.Unless and until we reach a minimum order of 10 bunches, there will be no leek order placed.

3.Once we reach 10 bunches, you must indicate on your post whether you are willing to pay the $12.50 or $11.25 per bunch if we don't reach the 20 bunch mark. Same applies once we hit 20 headed for 30.


That is earlier than the cutoff date for the onions, and will allow me to assess the total number of bunches ordered and contact individuals about pricing issues. It will also allow those who order onions enough time to send the correct payment amount to me by January 23th, all in one payment.

5.Shipping and payment works the same as described on the onion thread. If you order both leeks and onions, you may make one payment and I will deliver all together.

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