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Young Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown

12 years ago

so I started this avocado pit at the beginning of the year, and has been growing like crazy since I put it into a pot, and I even had to transplant it into a bigger pot in late spring. But the past month or so suddenly a bunch of the leaves developed dark brown edges and have started shriveling. Then it finally started growing new leaves again and I figured they'd be fine...but alas, it seems that even the newest leaves are developing this dry brown edges that work across the leaf....and I think my neighbor's grasshopper is coming up for a few visits cuz some of the leaves have been eaten too.

Any ideas what is going on w/ my avocado tree? I've been so proud of it doing so well from a seed.

Here's a couple of pics.
{{gwi:1193145}}2009-11-16 1

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