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Ready For Snow? Should We Laugh, or Cry?

Okiedawn OK Zone 7
11 years ago

I know that the weather has driven us all to distraction throughout 2011, so maybe it shouldn't be too surprising that after everything else Mother Nature threw at us and our gardens this year, we have snow in the forecast for the weekend and/or Monday. Snow! Yuck! I am SO not ready for this.

We still have flowers in bloom: clary sage, Laura Bush petunias and native asters. We still have a lot of trees with leaves on them. On some of those trees, the green leaves still outnumber the brown, red and golden ones. One plum tree still has almost all its leaves, although the other plums lost their leaves weeks ago. Water lilies still bloom in the little lily pond. We are trying to pretend it is still late summer or early autumn, and snow is going to put an end to that illusion, if indeed the snow does fall.

I need to add layers of mulch and compost to the garden beds still before I consider them winterized, and add more hay bedding and heat lamps to the chicken coops before it gets really, really cold.

I need to stop looking at our local NWS point forecast, because every time I look at it, our chances for snow on Monday have gone up. We went from no mention of snow for next Monday at mid-week to a 10% chance and then to a 30% chance. I am afraid that when I look at Monday's forecast tomorrow, the chance will be up to 40 or 50%.

I keep telling myself that this is exactly the weather we were wishing for on those hot July and August days when the sun beat down on us and we had temps in the 110-114 degree range. (Sigh.) After all the heat we endured, cold, snowy weather should be welcome, but I just am not in the mood for it yet.

Who's ready for snow? Sleet? Freezing Rain?

I am looking forward to bidding 2011 farewell and saying hello to 2012, though. It is hard to imagine 2012's weather could bring us more weather challenges than we had in 2011. Right?


Here is a link that might be useful: NWS's Special Weather Statement

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