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I've been battling Mealy bugs on ficus for 3 years

10 years ago

Help!! My 8 ft tall Ficus Tree has mealy bugs. I have insectcide sprays, Wiped each leaf 7 branch with soapy water, rubbing alcohol (per directions on various websites) I have pruned infected branches, disposed of other houseplants, quarantined ficus and other plants. Everything!!! It took some doing but I also got a new pot and new soil. And still that dang mealy bug comes back.

Throwing ot out is not an option.. I have noticed that some ofmy housepalnts are not affected by the mealys.

Does anyone out there have a plan of action for me? I live in Sonoma County, Calif. My Ficus lives inside. would it help to have it outside? Please help me and my beloved Ficus tree

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