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A Non Scientific look at Roots from my PSA Plants

10 years ago

After I had a chance to get my new plants home I decided to photograph the Up Potting process so that you can see the plants above the soil and below the soil.

I purchased plants from several PSA vendors and want to highlight 5 specific plants which I up potted yesterday and show the quality of the plants which you can buy from these vendors.

The purpose is not to judge or determine which vendor is better but to maybe give a different perspective/view of plants for everyone who can't just jump in a car and drive to the PSA plant sales.

The first plant is a one gallon 3 tip Polynesian Sunset purchased from "Tiki Tropical Treasures and The Plumeria Plantation." A nice rooted cutting. this plant appeared to be rooted within the last 3 months. The roots are new and reached the bottom of a 1 gallon pot. I thought the soil level in the container was a bit low but not alarming. here is a picture of the roots. I am not familiar with this cultivar yet but appears nicely developing but maybe a bit too wet. (side bar: it rained several times during last week).

A 1 gallon two tip India purchased from George. A nice cutting and a very good price. I believe this was also rooted in the last 6-9 months. Here are the roots. IMO also nicely developed.

A very nice 1 gallon four tip Hawaiian Sunset rooted cutting also purchased at a great price from George. You should see its twin sister Jandy bought. This cutting looks to me like it was been rooted longer. Perhaps late season last year. This was a great buy, lots of roots and a nice thick canopy cutting.

The roots

A 6 tip Dwarf Deciduous white purchased from Barbara R. She told me its nearly a year old. A very nice plant and I am glad to have bought from her.

The roots

here is a three tip grafted J105 from Florida Colors. I expected this would have the most developed roots due to the grafting onto rooted stock. This is my first purchase from Florida Colors. The graft on this plant is very good and clean.


A Mango Brush purchased from German C. I have three other plants bought from German in previous years. Some minor bark damage on the cutting and maybe rooted this spring. Initially I was surprised by the leaves in the bottom of the pot but peeling them off I was happy to find good roots through them. Again a bit wet but much was due to the previous days weather.

I hope this gives some insight if you were curious about the plants which are sold at PSA sales. I would buy from all of them again.

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