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Help with 30+ yr old grape vine, roots destroyed!

15 years ago

In my backyard I have a dark purple wine grape vine that has been there for at least 30 years. Unfortunately, when the guy came to fix our septic tank last week, he disturbed the root and it looks like the grapevine may not make it. The leaves are all shriveling up and turning brown. I'm just devastated! I tried blocking it off but he just destroyed the whole back yard. Also, if anyone has any ideas on how I can save this poor old grapevine I'd love to hear them. He took away some of the root and what he didn't take away was left above ground in the heat for 24 hours. I covered it over with dirt and cut almost all the grapes off hoping it may recover and come back next year.

Also, since I collected the seed, I'd love some advise on starting it next year. I'm offering seed from the vine on the seed exchange forum if anyone is interested. At least if it dies, other people can enjoy the seeds.

Thanks so much for any help,


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