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What do you do when you're ready to thin your collection?

11 years ago

I think anyone who has collected this beautiful plant has probably run into the problem (is it really a problem?) of having too many. We did a major overhaul on the landscaping last year and the plans included planting plants that "hide" the black nursery pots of my more desireable plumies. I'm finding that I have more plumies in pots than I have places to put them. I thinned out the yellows and whites by selling them for a song when my neighbors had a garage sale. I'm hesitant to put a "plumeria sale" sign out because I don't want to attract the unethical collectors who might help themselves to the trees in my front yard in the middle of the night. Is that a valid concern or am I just paranoid? How do you thin out your collection?

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