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How To Treat Rust On A Lady Fern

16 years ago


I had planted a lady fern 2 months ago in a half sunny-half shady corner in my yard. For 2 years, it was in a pot under a birch in my yard. Ever since I had planted it in this corner, it has been gradually turning brown starting with the outer fronds moving in towards the inner fronds. The fronds, once they turn brown, are not dry. They just look like healthy fern fronds that are brown in color.

But, eventually and surely, the fronds dry up and die quicker than they normally would if they were truly, healthy fronds. I haven't given it anything else but just regular watering like the way I have been since I'd gotten it. (Once every other day or two.)

I am suspecting that this is rust. I have been trying to research this everywhere online on how to treat this, but I haven't found anything yet. (I keep on finding lady-fern rust, but nothing to treat it with.)

I am tempted to dig my plant up and re-pot it to save it. Please help! If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears....



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