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My haul from the Clear Lake PSA sale today

10 years ago

I made it to my first PSA sale today. We got there around 7:45 as many vendors were starting to unload the goodies from the back of their trucks.

I was able to get what I want except for one. Thanks Jen (jandey) for helping me spot Grapette from a vendor's table. She such an experienced shopper! As I was being overwhelmed by the huge selection of plants among plants and struggled to find Grapette, I heard "Kenny!" and there Jen was with a huge 3-tip Grapette in her hands.

My next target was Raspberry Sundae. A lot of sellers had this one but I couldn't tell which was which some were not in bloom. I left my shopping cart with my friend while I snaked through an endless sea of plumieholics. I stumbled upon the most amazing RS plant I could find. It has 2 tips with 2 inflos blooming. A lot of people passed by my cart and drooled at my RS.

I'm still staying at the hotel and thought I'd share my experience at the PSA event. I got to meet Jen and Kms today. He was very helpful as well. I heard they both scored great plants today! Thank you for an awesome experience!

Here is my loot:

I also got a Lemon Drop from George but it's about 4ft tall and is currently staying in the car :)

Raspberry Sundae

I took lots of pictures and so did Jen. Hopefully I can get these all sorted out by the time I'm back home tomorrow.


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