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Need help with my dying/diseased Trees & Shrubs

12 years ago


I am here to ask for help. My wife and I were fortunate enough to move into a house a few years ago with lots of trees and shrubs on the lot. Now, I am not particularly knowledgeable about plants and apart from the Crepe Myrtles could not even name most of the plants.

About end of last year, I started to note that some of the leaves on the bushes were turning reddish brown and beginning to fall off. Well the problem has now spread to other shrubs and also seemingly to some trees. Not sure if its the same problem. This year based on recommendation from our local nursery I even treated the plants twice for fungus, but it does not seem to have helped.

Please help me identify the plants and please recommend how I can salvage the remaining plants.

I am attaching one picture, but have several other plants that are facing the same or similar situation so please take a look at the entire album at photobucket:

I have a sprinkler system that I use to water once a week (it is maintained). I have True Green feed the trees and also fed them myself last year and this year, separately for the crepe Myrtles from the rest of the trees/shrubs. In the past I have had Mites on the crepe myrtles and treated them.

I am in Texas, just east of Plano for those of you wondering.

Thanks for your help and eagerly awaiting replies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of the diseased shrubs and bushes

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