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My Seedlings are Dying

14 years ago

I'm a newbie at both posting and growing from seed. I have some Wiri Wiri pepper seedlings that I grew from seeds. I combed this site for tips and had the most success at propagatiion with the baggie method. While the seedlings are about 2-3 weeks old, none have developed any true leaves as yet. Unfortunately, the oldest seedling died last week. It appeared to be about to sprout some true leaves. Then it developed a tiny black spot on the edge of one leaf. The seedling stem stayed strong but the leaves appeared to basically collapse. I combed this site once more and concluded that the seedling either suffered from damping off, or some kind of necrosis (although I donÂt understand why). I figured I might be overwatering, so I cut back drastically. I had previously been bottom watering daily with a weak chamomile solution. I stopped using the chamomile and instead added hydrogen peroxide to the water, and only allowed them to drink every 2 or 3 days (a teaspoon or 2 per seedling - watering from the top this time). Now (a week later) another large seedling has developed a black spot. One of it's leaves has already collapsed against the other, and well, I figure it will likely suffer the same fate as the other.

Is there anything that I can do? Are the remaining seedlings doomed? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,


N.B.: The seedlings live in a plastic egg container and a plastic takeout container. The soil mix is approximately 1 1/2 parts vermiculite, 1 part sifted potting soil, and a dash (about a 16th) of Soilsponge (Plant Best). Once they were transferred into the soil mixture, they began receiving about 16 hours of florescent light/day. However, soon after, I decided to up the light dosage to 24/7.

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