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Foxtail Palm fronds yellowing

15 years ago

I have 3 foxtail Palms (all about 20 feet tall) are established and have been in since before Wilma 2 years ago. Just lately the fronds are very yellow like the color of faded mustard. I fertilize 3 times a year with a name brand palm product. All other plants (including Christmas palms) are doing fine. These 3 are naer a saltwater canal but about 5 feet higher than the level of the water. These palms are medium salt tolerant so that should not be the problem. The new fronds that come out are fairly green but as soon as they get some age to them start to lighten up. One of the three has a fair amount of droop to the fronds as well. Boy I don't want to loose these as they are main points in my landscaping.

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