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When to worry about a bee nest?

9 years ago

Basically what the title says. Today I noticed a bunch of bees swarming in the garage and my educated guess is they've built a home in the rafters because they seem to be coming and going from one 2x2 foot area or so. With recent reports (not far from me) of Africanized bees, I'm kind of worried.

I planted flowers and such to draw in the bees for pollination, but didn't expect them to set up their home so close to mine. I'm not really sure where to go from here.. I still need the bees for pollination, so is this kind of a take it or leave it thing? Should I call someone out to see if they are Africanized (can they even tell?) or should I just get rid of them regardless? Does it make sense to get rid of the nest but keep the flowers to draw in more? Will they just likely set up their home somewhere close by too?

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