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Stink or soldier bug - how do you tell?

16 years ago

I have looked and looked at pictures of the brown stink bug and the spined soldier bug and I just cannot tell the difference. Look at these two guys:



The first is a spined soldier bug (good) and the second a stink bug (bad). I found one yesterday hanging out on a Gypsy pepper. Just hanging around, so I took a picture which wasn't detailed enough to see anything. then today he was still on that pepper, which I picked and he peed on it. I tried to sniff it but he came at my nose and I was afraid he would attack me.

So I'm sorry to say I stepped on him. I *think* he was a stink bug, but geeez, how do you tell?

The thing is I planted this beautiful native goldenrod, and it was near the pepper, and goldenrod is supposed to attract spined soldier bugs in fall. But I think when it blooms, and it's not blooming yet.

I do hope I haven't killed another friend. I've already killed a ladybug in haste, thinking it was a bean beetle and it's traumatic.

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