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First Harvest Seed Swap 2013

10 years ago

I am going to host a seed swap from first harvest of peppers.

To start, I am only asking that those interested in participating that have seeds to share sign up. AKA Donors

I want to nail out the seed availability, types, etc before asking member's to join in to ensure everyone gets a good collection of seeds.

After the seeds are collected and split up, then other users can sign up to receive seeds by sending a SASBE (Self addressed, stamped bubble envelope).

This is a great way to share your loved pepper varieties, and to obtain other types you might not already have.

Anyone that has seeds to contribute and would like to take part please post.

Seed Collection will start on Sept 16nd
Seed distribution will be nov 12nd

If needed, here is some helpful instructions / tips for saving seed.

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