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Year after year it's the same two worms

Worm #1) Nematoad

Worm #2) I'm guessing army worm, the larva of a friggin' moth

#1) I know when it comes to nematoads I'm basically screwed. I dug out all of the dirt in my raised garden and replaced the old soil with new soil thinking I might cut back on the nematoad infestation. I was wrong, it actually got worse.

After I changed the soil I planted healthy transplants and now the nematoads are ripping them to shreds.

#2) Out of the 492 trillion grasses, plants, and trees around my raised garden, moths decide it's best lay there tiny eggs (future caterpillars) on my new transplants. These bastids are brutal. I've tried powders, oils, lots of cursing and nothing works.

I love to grow vegetables because it's just in the blood, it's a pride type of thing. But these worms are really putting a damper on the whole gardening thing.

Any advice on how to help combat these worm bastids would be well appreciated.

btw I live in central Florida and it's 9,345 degrees w/ humidity.

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