First plumeria - which of these would be best?

13 years ago

Hi all,

I am active on other forums here and was very happy to find this one, as I've decided to get my first plumeria ever. It will probably be my only one for several years as I only have a small balcony garden to put plants on. So, I was hoping to get some opinions in picking a real winner!

My south-central Texas balcony gets 8-12 hours of full sun (6-8 hours direct) on the longest days of the year. It is south facing. I have a pot that is about 18" wide and 14" tall to put it in (I could sink a smaller pot in it at first if that would be best).

I am hoping to get something with a fragrance as close to the flowers that were used in leis when I lived in Hawaii 2-3 years ago. I know this is not very descriptive at all, but I was not paying attention to plumeria varieties when I was there! I keep hearing Celadine is most used in Leis, but the pics on the web are highly variable. The ones I saw in leis the most were a creamy white with a little yellow in the center, but had a lot less yellow in them than some of the Celadine pics I am seeing on the web...

Anyway, something that would like my conditions, be easy to care for/resistant to pests and diseases, and have a lovely, strong fragrance would be ideal. Here are the contenders:


Aztec Gold

Samoan Fluff


Of course, I am open to other nominations as well. What do you all think?

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