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Fall 2012 Veggie Grow List

11 years ago

I've been working on my fall garden for 4-6 weeks now although the progress is slow in this heat. Whenever we have cool enough weather, I clear out a bed of exhausted summer plants, work some compost into the soil and plant something new for fall.

Some plantings remain from summer: tomatoes, peppers, okra, winter squash, cantaloupes, watermelons and lima beans. Of these, all are in the ground except that about 20 of the tomato plants and 6 or 7 of the pepper plants are in containers.

Some plantings are in the ground but new for fall:

Southern Peas--I planted four and I think they were Colossus, 6-week Pinkeye Purple Hull, Pinkeye Purple Hull VBR and Knuckle.

Pole Beans--McCaslan

Bush Beans--Tanya's Pink Pod, Red Swan, Speedy, Tendergreen Improved, Bush Marconi, Burpee's Early Italian and Burpee's Stringless

Summer Squash--Yellow Straightneck Squash

Cucumber--National Pickling Cukes

Everything else is either still sitting in seed packets waiting for the temperatures to get beneath 100 degrees and stay there, or has been pre-soaked in a cup of water and wrapped up in coffee filters and paper towels to pre-sprout in zip-lock bags or has been started in little paper cups and is still very small, growing in flats outdoors in morning sun and afternoon shade, and will go into the ground as soon as the weather is cooler. This includes:

Broccoli--Packman, Romanesco, Early Purple Sprouting

Cabbage--Bonnie Hybrid, Ruby Perfection

Carrots--Short-N-Sweet, Sementi Carrot Blend, Burpee Kaleidoscope Mix

Brussels Sprouts--Falstaff

Collards--Georgia Southern, Variegated

Edible Podded Pea--Sugar Snap

Kale--Lacinato Black (aka Dinosaur Kale), Lacinato Rainbow Mix, Wild Garden Kale Mix, Even' Star Smooth Kale

Lettuce--Wild Garden Lettuce Mix, Winter Density Romaine, Merlot, Drunken Woman, Sea of Red

Mustard--Red Giant, Ruby Streaks

Onions--Evergreen Long White Bunching, Big Bunch



Radishes--Watermelon, Pink, Purple Plum, Spanish Black, Chinese Red Meat


Salsify--Sandwich Island

Spinach--Monster of Viroflay, Oriental Giant, Winter Bloomsdale

Swiss Chard--Witerby Mangold, Orange Fantasia, Golden Sunrise, Bright Yellow, Magenta Sunset, and Five-Color Silverbeet.

Turnip--Golden, Gold Ball, Chioggia, Bountiful Gardens Turnips Mix, and Seven Top (Seven Top is for greens only)

For flowers, I've sowed seeds of the Laura Bush Petunia Formula Blend which has shades of white, pink and purple, Viola "Helen Mount", and Nichol's Viola Mix F-1.

For herbs, I have chives (regular and garlic), parsley (Forest Green, Single Flat Leaf, Extra Triple Curled) and Cilantro (Confetti) that are new for fall, and most of the summer herbs remain in the garden as well.

For the chickens, I planted Nichols Garden Nursery's "Chicken Scratch Mix", which is blend of greens--Bloomsdale Spinach, Tyfon, Oak Leaf Lettuce, Salad Bowl Lettuce, Red Russian Kale, Red Giant Mustard and Collards Greens.

Some of the above are going into the ground far later than the recommended planting dates, but we tend to stay really warm pretty deep into fall, so I figured I'd take the chance and plant late, expecting that I'll be able to keep the plants warm enough with the use of mulch and floating row covers or low tunnels. Some of them will go into containers in the greenhouse as I seek to figure out what I can grow in the greenhouse in the winter in containers.

That's my fall list.

What's everyone else doing for fall?


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