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Was my cat copperhead bit?

14 years ago

Dawn, I asked in your post about the rattler you killed, but you didn't revisit that post, so I will ask again and anyone else who may know. Two weeks ago my cat started acting very funny. Like he was paratially paralyzed, couldn't walk. His head twitched and his eyes flickered. He just laid in one place and didn't eat for two or three days. I was afraid maybe rabies, as he hadn't been vaccinated, so I put him in a shed and watched him. After 10 days he seemed to have recovered, was eating and drinking again, so I let him back out--and vaccinated for rabies. During that time my husband found a little 18" copperhead in the garden so I wondered if the cat had gotten bit? What are symptoms of snakebite in cats? He's a mature, 4 year old cat. Dorothy

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