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Strange Egg Sac-ish Cocoon On Beets

12 years ago

Hi there, I have found a strange egg sac type thing on a beet leaf in my garden. It seems to be attached to the leaf and has burned a "hole" through the leaf where the sac is attached. I removed it and broke it open (it was only about half a centimeter in length)and inside was about 20 small yellow seeds/eggs/spores something of that nature that I couldn't determine. It was brittle and seemed to be made of the same material a wasp nest would be. On the underside of the same leaf I took the sac from I found a very small spider that was using its thread to lift a small twig of yard debris toward the leaf. Is the spider in on it? I captured the spider and placed it in a small plastic container to monitor its activities. Here is a picture of the egg sac-ish type thing, please let me know if you have seen anything similar and can identify it. I've been battling the pests constantly over here lately.

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