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Red Rover Red Rover, Please send Al right over. Or, potting help?

9 years ago

So, Al's gritty mix is for rooting. Whole unbroken raw eggs are also for rooting. And for re-potting cactus mix/perlite is best? I've been spending every bedtime endlessly reading thread after thread, think i made it to page 17, reading every single word! I feel like I know what to do if I had a 12" stick but not newly re-homed 3 or 4 year old trees. I still haven't really figure out what a inflo is and why I would want to remove it. =) I did learn it'd be awesome if I could put a heating pad out under the pot in the winter time and maybe wrap a scarf around it just for looks. mittens maybe too? I'm confident I can prevent sunburn with a paper towel tube and DAPs for owies. But how in the 'ell do I re-pot an established tree?? Why is Al's mix so wonderful and then not?

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