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Plumeria cutting with 4 leaves is wilting-- is it rot?

12 years ago

Hello, and thanks all-- I'm a beginning gardener who went and rotted out a couple other plumeria cuttings because the instructions they came with said to water every week or two, and it was only when I looked online I read not to water them at all at first.

So I got this new one, made it very porous soil and put pea gravel on top to hold it steady. Alas I only read to let the cut end dry out after cutting off the end and planting it drippy. >_Never having gotten this far before I poked around a lot online before watering any more, worried to ruin my progress but found sites saying 3-4 leaves of 2 to 3 inches means you can water. I also pulled on it lightly and it stayed, I hoped that meant good roots. So I got it pretty wet with a bit of organic fertilizer mixed in as per instructions, and did so again two weeks later, the soil seemed quite dry by that point.

I have watered it three or four times at two week intervals, poking my finger in the dirt first to see it feels dry, but in the last week and a half the little claws inside turned black and shriveled, the stem in the middle got a bit wrinkly but didn't seem squishy, possibly just barely squishier than the base or tip, and then in the last few days the leaves started yellowing-- two have gotten brown spots and one is shriveling.

Is this a sign of rot or under watering? I read sites that said they would shrivel when they had not enough water or when rotten, and all the posts I've found on rot are for leafless plants..? I also read a post suggesting poking it with a pin and seeing if white sap comes out, and it does at the top, bottom and middle. I'm perplexed, but the leaves and growth just seem to be getting worse and worse. Any help would be most welcome, I'd really like to get this right finally..!

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